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Swimwear Care Guide Freya-UK-Advice-SwimwearCareGudie-BoxTextRightComponent-Introduction

Swimwear Care Guide

From polka-dots to stripes, we’re all about fashion-forward and vibrant beachside styles that sets the swimwear scene here at Freya. For you, all that means is finding your favourite women’s swimwear and keeping it sparkling all summer long.

It sounds simple, but it is essential to properly looked after your swimwear to keep it looking fresher for longer. That’s why our swimwear care guide is here to talk you through the best ways to wash a swimsuit or Bikini, as well as other care tips you might need to bear in mind.

Let’s dive right in. 

Rinse Straight Away Freya-UK-Advice-SwimwearCareGuide-BoxTextRightComponent-Step1

Rinse or shower in your swimwear immediately with fresh cold water after swimming

While you may feel refreshed after a quick dip in the sea or sunning it up by the swimming pool, the saltwater or chlorine in the water can be harsh on your swimwear, especially Jacuzzi’s which often has higher chlorine levels. Therefore our most important tip is to rinse swimwear in cool, fresh water immediately after swimming, washing away those chemicals and minerals from the fabric. Whether it is taking a cool shower in your swimwear, running the swimsuit under a cold tap, or leaving to soak in a basin, it will help keep your swimwear at its best. 

How to wash Freya-UK-Advice-SwimwearCareGuide-BoxTextRightComponent-Step2

How to wash your swimsuit by hand

We know it’s far more convenient to throw a swimsuit in the washing machine along with all your other garments, but the best way to wash a swimsuit is by hand. Plus, it is much kinder to the environment.

But why can’t you wash swimwear in a washing machine? It’s simply because washing bikini tops, bikini bottoms, and swimsuits in a machine could cause damage to the underwire support, cause shrinkage and colour fading all of which can take the shine off your pool-side outfit.  Handwashing will ultimately prolong the lifespan of your favourite swimwear so it’s always best to play it safe by washing by hand.

Read a quick breakdown of how to wash your swimwear by hand, below:

  • 1. Fill sink with warm, soapy water down-arrow

    Fill a sink or basin with cool water and then add a couple squirts of mild detergent, to the mix. 

    Top tip: Do not use harsh detergents or fabric softener, when cleaning your swimsuit as they can damage your swimwear and ruin your beach day look. 

  • 2. Gently clean the swimwear down-arrow

    Now it’s time to get cleaning.

    To start, simply place your women’s swimwear into the warm, soapy water, and swish it around gently for a few minutes. Then, rub the bikini top and bikini bottoms with your fingers, focusing on any stained areas of the swimsuit. Then leave to soak in the water for five minutes. Easy!

  • 3. Rinse the swimwear again down-arrow

    Happy your women’s swimwear is clear of sweat, and oil? Then it’s time to rinse off that soapy residue!

    Empty the soapy water, and then refill the sink or basin with clean, cool water. Swirl your bikini top and bikini bottoms around in the water to help rinse off any detergent still clinging to the fabric. 

  • 4. Squeeze out any excess water down-arrow
    You can cut down on how long it takes your women’s swimwear to dry by removing excess water from the fabric before hanging up to dry. If you have a padded bikini top or underwires, lightly squeeze and reshape. 
  • 5 Air dry the swimwear down-arrow

    Find a cool spot to air dry your swimwear! We recommend using a clothes airer, towel rack, or shower curtain rod – although anywhere cool and dry will do the trick. 

    Top tip: for the best result avoid direct heat or sunlight to get better, fresher results. 

How often should I wash a swimsuit? Freya-UK-Advice-SwimwearCareGuide-BoxTextRightComponent-Step3

How often should I wash a swimsuit?

Whether it’s a quick dip or a serious splash, we’d always recommend rinsing your swimwear immediately after every swim to get rid of chlorine, saltwater, sweat, and other pool water chemicals that can damage or fade the fabric. Even if you are just a sunbather, it is worth rinsing after each wear to wash way sun cream and oils. However how many times you hand wash is up to you, whether it’s after every swim or at the end of your holiday just remember to give your swimwear that rinse straight after use.

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