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Wearing Your Bra

Believe it or not, the way you wear your bra can easily prolong or decrease its life span... 

When you first get your new Freya bra, wearing it on the third hook and clasp will make a big difference, this is because the more you wear your bra, the band will inevitably stretch, this is when you can use the second and first hook and eye closure. 80% of the bras support comes from the band so it is important that this section of the bra remains in-tact for as long as possible! 

We also recommend alternating between three everyday bras. By doing this, you will extend the life span even further. For great everyday options, why not check out our Lingerie Essentials?

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Storing Your Bra

Another way to prolong the life of your bra is to pay close attention to the way you store it.

Never invert a moulded cup, this will lead to misshaping which will make the smooth, rounded shape look bumpy under clothing. Instead, we recommend stacking your bras, this will help maintain the shape of the cups and won’t take up too much room in your wardrobe.

For more information on moulded styles, why not check out our Moulded Shapes Explained Page?

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Washing Your Bra

Although it may be less convenient, we highly recommend hand washing your bra's after every other wear. When you machine wash a bra it can weaken the structure and therefore decrease the lifespan and support it gives you.

When drying, you should always air dry your bras by hanging them or laying them flat. If you decide to hang them, avoid hanging them by the straps or band as this can cause them to stretch. We recommend folding the bra in half and hanging it by the centre front so one half hangs on the left side of the line and the other on the right.

Machine drying can damage the fabric and the structure of the bra, including the underwire. This can cause the underwire to pop out and pierce clothes or even scratch your skin... ouch!

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Latest Lingerie

Complete support and uplift is yours with our ever-growing selection of Freya styles for the fuller bust.

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Lingerie Essentials

Discover Freya's array of lingerie essentials, perfect for everyday wear.

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Moulded Bras

For a smooth, rounded silhouette under clothing, opt for a Freya Moulded Bra.