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Side Support Freya-UK-Editorial-Offbeat-BraDiagrams-BoxTextUnderComponent-SideSupport


Available in up to a K cup, our Offbeat Side Support Bra is made up of four panels, including a laminated side panel to gently bring the breast forward from the side, creating beautiful shape and uplift. Complete with flirty and fun powerful stretch lace, Freya’s bestselling style provides ultimate comfort and support for the fuller bust.

Plunge Bra Freya-UK-Editorial-Offbeat-BraDiagrams-BoxTextUnderComponent-Plunge


Lace detailing is everything with our Offbeat Plunge Bra. Based on our much-loved Freya Fancies style, the bra showcases a low centre front for extra plunge without the push up plus, a cheeky gated back detail for a lighter look.

Padded Half Cup Bra Freya-UK-Editorial-Offbeat-BraDiagrams-BoxTextUnderComponent-PaddedHalfCup


The newest style for Offbeat, the Padded Half Cup Bra is designed with soft padded foam cups to create beautiful definition and uplift. Paired with a flattering low cut neckline this is the perfect style for low cut tops and dresses.

Moulded Demi Freya-UK-Editorial-Offbeat-BraDiagrams-BoxTextUnderComponent-MouldedDemi


Our T-Shirt Bra's, like us, come in all different shapes and sizes. Our Offbeat Moulded Demi Style offers a sweetheart neckline to enhance your cleavage plus, seam-free cups for a smooth, rounded silhouette under clothing. For more information on our different T-Shirt Bras, why not check out our Moulded Shapes Explained Page?


Freya Lingerie, Offbeat in White Freya-UK-Editorial-Offbeat-Cutouts-BoxTextUnderComponent-White

Offbeat in White

Freya Lingerie, Offbeat in Pure Water Freya-UK-Editorial-Offbeat-Cutouts-BoxTextUnderComponent-PureWater

Offbeat in Pure Water

Freya Lingerie, Offbeat in Natural Beige Freya-UK-Editorial-Offbeat-Cutouts-BoxTextUnderComponent-NaturalBeige

Offbeat in Natural Beige

Freya Lingerie, Offbeat in Something Blue Freya-UK-Editorial-Offbeat-Cutouts-BoxTextUnderComponent-LemonFizz

Offbeat in Something Blue

Freya Lingerie, Offbeat in Black Freya-UK-Editorial-Offbeat-Cutouts-2-BoxTextUnderComponent-Black

Offbeat in Black

Freya Lingerie, Offbeat in Chilli Red Freya-UK-Editorial-Offbeat-Cutouts-2-BoxTextUnderComponent-ChilliRed

Offbeat in Chilli Red

Freya Lingerie, Offbeat in Rosehip Freya-UK-Editorial-Offbeat-Cutouts-2-BoxTextUnderComponent-Rosehip

Offbeat In Rosehip

Shop Offbeat Freya-UK-Editorial-Offbeat-Cutouts-2-BoxTextUnderComponent-ShopOffbeat
Freya Lingerie, Undetected in Pure Water Freya-UK-Editorial-Offbeat-Undetected-BoxTextRightComponent


Build up your everyday lingerie collection with our all-new Undetected range. Designed to slip seamlessly under clothing, our Undetected Briefs are one size fits all and are crafted from super-soft fabric for a smooth second skin feel, not to mention the stitch free seams for a no VPL finish!

This collection paired with Offbeat is a match made in heaven...

Bra Shapes Explained Freya-UK-Editorial-FreyaSignature-2BoxComponent-BraShapesExplained

Bra Shapes Explained

Discover the perfect fit with Freya's guide to our supportive array of bra styles.

Latest Collections Freya-UK-Editorial-FreyaSignature-2BoxComponent-LatestCollections

Latest Collections

Complete support and uplift is yours with our ever-growing selection of Freya styles for the fuller bust.