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At Freya we know how much you love our moulded bra styles. I mean what's not to love? A moulded cup offers everything from a natural rounded breast shape, to a smooth even finish under clothing. It's a look so great, you'll want to wear it every day, which is why we have developed such a wide range of moulded styles. From sports bras, to nursing bras, and strapless styles to your more everyday t-shirt bras - we've got you covered.

We appreciate all breasts are different shapes and sizes though - it's not as easy as one mould fits all - which is why we have created three different cup shapes. We have the Deco, the Demi and the Idol. Each style is slightly different in terms of its coverage level and the fit, which is why we've created the below guide to help you find your perfect moulded shape.

High Centre Front


The Idol moulded bra is based on a classic balcony frame, and offers the highest level of coverage in the cups with a high centre front.

You'll find this shape in our Fancies, Idol and Starlight collections.

Freya Lingerie, Idol in Nude, Moulded Balcony Bra Freya-ROW-Editorial-TheMouldedStory-TwoBoxComponent-ConsumerImg
Freya-UK-MouldedStory-TwoBox-Idol-MOB.png Freya-ROW-Editorial-TheMouldedStory-TwoBoxComponent-IdolCutout

Mid Centre Front


Halfway between an Idol and Deco, the Demi moulded bra is one of our most recent designs. Featuring a sweetheart neckline, the Demi offers uplift and an enhanced cleavage with an average plunge height at the centre front.

You'll find this shape in the Expression and Offbeat collection.

Freya-UK-MouldedStory-TwoBox-Demi-MOB.png Freya-ROW-Editorial-TheMouldedStory-TwoBoxComponent-DemiCutout
Freya Lingerie, Expression in Natural Beige, Demi Plunge Moulded Bra Freya-ROW-Editorial-TheMouldedStory-TwoBoxComponent-DemiConsumerImg

Low Centre Front


The most plunging of Freya's moulded shapes, the Deco moulded bra has the lowest centre front which offers you all the cleavage, without any overspill.

You'll find this shape in our MedleyDeco and Cameo collections.

Freya Lingerie, Cameo in Black, Moulded Plunge Bra Freya-ROW-Editorial-TheMouldedStory-TwoBoxComponent-DecoConsumerImg
Freya-UK-MouldedStory-TwoBox-Deco-MOB.png Freya-ROW-Editorial-TheMouldedStory-TwoBoxComponent-DecoCutout
Freya Lingerie, Expression in Pacific, Plunge Bra Freya-ROW-Editorial-TheMouldedStory-TwoBoxComponent-LatestLingerieTeaser

Latest Lingerie

Complete support and uplift is yours with our ever growing-growing selection of Freya styles for the fuller bust.

Freya Fancies Mix And Match Freya-ROW-Editorial-TheMouldedStory-TwoBoxComponent-FreyaFanciesTeaser

Freya Fancies Mix & Match

Wear them together or mix & match for a unique look every day.