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A perfectly fitting bra increases comfort, support and shape but when it comes to finding the right size, Freya understands that there are common fit problems which can result in choosing the wrong bra size. Discover our video tutorial and guide below, and learn how to spot the difference between a good and bad fit. 

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Good Fit

The centre front should sit flush against your chest for perfect separation.

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Bad Fit

If the centre front digs in and feels uncomfortable you may need to go up a back size. But if the centre front sits away from your chest, this may mean your cups are too small.

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Good Fit

The underband should fit firmly and be level all around the body.

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Bad Fit

If the underband is riding up at the back, the bust will then drop at the front meaning the back size is too big. But if the underband is digging in, try loosening the band or going up a back size.

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Good Fit

The bust should be fully enclosed in the cups to ensure no spillages and no double boob effect.

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Bad Fit

If the cups are too small, the bust will be spilling out of the cup, so try going up a cup size. But if the cups are too big, you will see wrinkles or creases on the cups, so try going down a cup size.

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Good Fit

The shoulder straps should not be too tight or loose, ensuring the straps do not dig in or slip off.

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Bad Fit

If the shoulder straps dig in, this indicates the straps are too tight and need loosening. But if the straps are falling off the shoulders, the straps need to be tightened.


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