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Discover how to find the perfect fit, shape and support with Freya's expert bra fitting advice - here to help you learn everything you need to know about getting fitted.

Measurement & Fitting

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It's estimated that 80% of women are in the wrong size bra, but it's easy to find the right fit every time. See our quick video guide on how to find the perfect fit.

Choosing The Right Bra


Once you’ve discovered your size, you need to find the style to suit your shape & flatter your figure. Uncover our hints & tips to help you choose the right bra.

Ask the Bra Doctor

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Our friendly, expert Bra Doctor is waiting to answer your questions. Whether you're feeling squashed, squeezed or saggy, drop us a line and get a diagnosis.

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Latest Questions

  • I'm looking for a new bra. I currently use a Victora Secerts. I wear a 36DDD in them. How would I deteime my size for y'all and the best bra for me!

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    Hi,Thanks for contacting the Bra Doctor.A U.S 36DDD is equivalent to a UK 36E. Please see our advice section here for details on style of bra and the best for your shape.Thanks LoveFreya x
  • I have prominent nipples that often show through my cups. Which kind of cup should I look for to prevent my nipples from showing?

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    Hi,Thanks for contacting the Bra Doctor.You may find a padded bra such as the Rapture will help or our Deco collection of moulded bras will definitely prevent any show through.ThanksLoveFreya  x
  • i use a size 32E non padded - wired bra and i was wondering whether i should use a size 32E for swimwear or get a bigger size? Thanks

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    Hi,Thanks for contacting the Bra Doctor.You can start with trying your usual size of 32E but you may find you need to adjust your size as swimwear can fit differently to lingerie due to design and materials used. Where possible we recommend you visit a local stockist to be fitted into a bikini and try before you buy. ThanksLoveFreya x
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Visit Freya's advice section full of expert tips and information on bra styles and fitting to help you find the perfect products for you.

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