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Freya Active has been working with the breast health specialist team at the University of Portsmouth, conducting the most extensive breast research project ever undertaken. The Freya Active project is world leading and is the first to study the 3 aspects - pain, strain and independent movement at multiple locations on the breast whilst working out. Check out the results and what Dr Pixie McKenna has to say about our extensive research below...




Dr Pixie McKenna

“Exercise seems like the simple solution when it comes to maintaining good health. While many women are motived to get out and get active, it may surprise you to learn that the thing that often holds them back, are their breasts. While market research tells us that most women experience breast movement during exercise, new ground breaking scientific research has revealed there is a lot more going on over and above breast bounce. It has highlighted that the skin and tissues are under strain during exercise and this can result not only in pain both during and after exercise, but also damage to the breast tissues ultimately resulting in breast sag. Adequate breast support in the form of a sports bra is an essential part of every woman's gym kit. But choose wisely, this research has confirmed that a sports bra needs to not only control movement but also help to reduce strain and pain. Make sure your sports bra ticks all the boxes to enable you to exercise with confidence and in comfort, ensuring you are doing the best for your breasts.”








Reduced by 97%
• Upper pole area of the breast (located high up on the breast) identified as a common region of pain.
• Freya Active's new crop top sports bra ensures this region is supported and encased within the bra.









Reduced to 1%
• Strain of the breast tissue occurs during movement
• Can lead to stretching and tension of the skin which can lead to breast sag
• Most strain occurs at the nipple which our new sports bra reduces to 1%







Reduces independent breast movement
• 92% of participants felt that the Freya Active crop top sports bra reduced breast movement within the bra
• Reduces forward and backwards movement in the upper section of the breast when working out






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