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We've been helping women look and feel amazing for quite a few years now. And here's where you can get the inside story on our history, our classic ad campaigns and what goes on at the Freya offices.

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Freya's Ad Campaigns

When you've got great products that make women feel amazing, you want the world to know about them. That's why we've always come up with ad campaigns that get noticed. From plasticine worlds and winter wonderlands to Spotify sensations, find out how we've got the world talking about Freya.

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Inside Freya

Inside the Freya Office

Get behind the scenes as we let you into Freya HQ. It's your chance to get a sneaky peek at where our new ranges are designed, created, marketed and let loose on the world.

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Freya Design


Styles that make you look fantastic. Designs that give you amazing shape and support. A lot goes into each and every Freya product. Here's where you can find out about the way our designers work, what inspires them and how they turn great ideas into reality.

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Freya Timeline


Freya's been on a mission to make women feel fabulous since 1998. Since then, one great idea's led to another. New styles, new lingerie, bra size swimwear, sports underwear, loungewear - not to mention new ways to get the message of great fit out there in the digital age. Check out our timeline to see how Freya's gone from strength to strength.

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