Swimwear Review – Mirage 0

No I am not seeing things…Mirage Tutti Fruiti is the most beautiful swimwear set and my favourite to date.

I have already worn it out to a spa day with the girls and got a lot of compliments which totally made my day. It is so suited for me because it is fuss free in comparison to a swim suit (meaning no stripping to go for a wee which always feels odd to me in public toilets!) and also covers that dreaded Mum Tum. I know I harp on about this but we all have our horrid areas and the tummy is mine. I know you don’t have to be a Mum to not like your Tum, but with this it doesn’t matter either way, it covers the lot.

Mirage Tutti Fruiti is a swim wear design influenced by the 80′s graffiti print and consists of pinks and corals in colour with striking black floral design over the top. When I first studied it I felt it had the influence of Japan in it, with the Orchid flower design and sunset colours and it fitted into the spa scene smoothly.

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This is not me (sadly) but is exactly how I feel in this swimwear!