Rediscover Netball with Freya Active 0

Freya Active for NetballRecently I discovered a load of old workbooks from junior school when having a clear out – it’s so funny to read who I was at the ages of 4 – 7! Let’s just say I had quite an imagination! Thinking back evoked memories of what I used to love doing as a kid, such as playing the piano, dancing and playing netball after school with my pals. Funny how I had completely lost my passion for those things in my grumpy teenage years, but in my 30s, I am re-discovering my love for hobbies I had as a child (or maybe I just never grew up!)

The trip down my memory lane of hobbies-gone-by led me to interview Joanna Blain who is the Founder of Play Simple Netball, a social netball league with nearly 100 teams playing in leagues across Manchester and Liverpool. I wanted to see if netball is still a hobby I could take up now, at the age of (nearly, not yet!) 32, and with Freya as the official partner to the England Team, it seemed like the obvious thing to do, as I need lots of excuses to buy Freya Active Wear! More