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Hello lovely Fitting Talk readers!

I am sure you watched the Olympic Opening ceremony like me on Friday – wasn’t it MINDBLOWING? I loved the whole thing, from Branagh as Brunel to Mr Bean, Bond and the Queen, Becks on a boat…all of it was magical inspiring and just so….us.

So in the Olympic spirit I am of course still training for Cycletta and Run to the Beat. On Friday I was out on my mountain bike in the fens for 17k bike ride, and today I donned my trusty Team Bangs on the Run top and my Freya Active set to crank out a 4 mile run.

I feel like I have such a long way to go to get my stamina back up enough to be able to do 13 miles in October, but I know the cycling as cross training will help, and I have enough time to get myself there slowly, week by week.


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So ladies, have all of you finished the gargantuan piles of Easter eggs in your house? We still have a stash left, eyeballing me in the corner as I write.

Still, I have a new weapon – Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred.

Oh yes.

This DVD has a series of 3, super efficient, 20 minute workouts by Jillian Michaels who knows how to make us work in those all important minutes!

The great thing is that I can do this at home, is only takes 20 minutes, and while the weather is still nasty and I haven’t been out yet to start my 2012 Run to the Beat training ( remember this from last year?), I can still exercise – in my Freya Active, of course.

How are you getting Freya active this Spring?

Let us know x

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