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Pack Like the Fash Pack

Pack Like the Fash Pack 0

So soon I’ll be flying off to Italy for a few days to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary *sniffs and wipes away a happy tear*. Literally can not wait to get back to Amalfi and re-live all of those incredible memories from last year when we got married in Ravello (if you recently watched Masterchef where they cooked with Mama Agata, that’s where we got married. mmmmm pasta.)

As any fashionista will be aware, packing to go anywhere can of course be a challenge. Especially when you only have limited luggage allowance and are away for a short time (where’s that private jet when you need it eh girls?) So here are my top stylist tips for packing for a holiday in sunnier climes…here goes… More

Nothing to Wear?

Nothing to Wear? 0

You wouldn’t believe how many times I hear the words “I have nothing to wear!” every week!  Women at the end of their tether who are sick of uttering these five little words (or sometimes their husbands or boyfs who have heard these words one too many times end up calling on their behalf!)

So this week, dedicated to all those women who are stood in front of their wardrobes, huffing and puffing, surrounded by a pile of clothes on the floor, close to tears because from their three bulging wardrobes, they can’t find one outfit they want to wear, I’ve published my first book, cunningly entitled ‘Nothing to Wear!’

I have to say, writing this book has been somewhat trying. I love to write and blog, but compiling every experience I’ve ever had with a client in to a ‘how to’ manual for women who want to achieve a wardrobe they love, has not been easy.