Lingerie Review: Freya Sophia 0

Freya Sophia, 28F

This is a bra which instantly caught my eye as it reminded me of the Fantasie ‘Simone’ bra which I loved but is unavailable in a 28 back.

Fantasie ‘Simone’ bra set

I’ve got a bit of a things for stripes and pin stripes so when Freya released the ‘Sophia’ I was all over it like a rash. Well, maybe be not a rash… something a bit nicer than that. Anyway, I loved it.


Lingerie Review: Freya Loretta 0

Ever since Freya’s Spring/Summer range was released for preview on The Lingerie Buyer’s website what seems like forever ago, I have had my eye on the Loretta. A bra which combines beautiful fit and shape, practicality and support seamlessly with beautiful design – something I’ve come to expect from Freya. It is right up my street with stunning paisley print and sheer lace panels, delicate pale pastel colours and embroidery, this has to be my favourite of Freya’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection.


A Breastication 0

So I said that I would tell you more about our day to Eveden. I have to say I was excited because not only did I get to meet the team but also because it was a day off! I have 20 month old twins and a little boy who will turn three in June and they keep me very busy so a day filled with ‘grown up’ conversation was delightful. In typical style though I started to come down with a chest infection but I continued on my travels, too excited to care.



Outlet Swimwear Review: Freya Zodiac, Bamboo Island and Mystic Bikinis 2

Never to be put off by a little bit of cloud down by my local beach Sandbanks in Dorset, I ventured to take some pictures of some of my favourite Freya bikinis of times gone by –  the ‘Zodiac’, ‘Bamboo Island’ and ‘Mystic’ styles.

All of which have been released for a year or more and are firm favourites. Despite most not being currently sold (unless you are lucky to come across them online or an store) they are similar to many bikini styles and shapes that are available in current and upcoming collections.