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Prima Fashion Awards 2011 0

Well,I have been a very spoiled girl this week as the Freya team invited me to join them at the Prima Fashion Awards held at Battersea Evolution Marquee in London.

This was the 17th Comfort Prima High street fashion awards and attracted over 100o guests this year! The theme this year was Bright and Whites and this was very much reflected in the decoration of the marquee.

Prima Fashion Awards


Care for your Swim Wear 0

So you have just invested in your key swim wear essentials for the summer, you ideally want them to stay as vibrant and as perfectly fitted as the day you bought them. In fact you would be pretty chuffed it it would do another summer so that you can keep adding to your collection and have a a different swim item everyday (my ideal dream!). It is important to remember that swim garments will naturally fade with use considering the conditions that we put them under like extreme sunlight and chlorine however here is some advice to keep your swim wear in tip top condition:

The first thing to note is that Freya Swim Wear is made mainly of Lycra in it to give you that great fit, and enable brilliantly vibrant and beautiful designed prints. Some items are made with ‘Extra life Lycra’ in it meaning it is more resistant to chlorine which is worth checking out if you know you do a lot of swimming.

Lycra is not a chlorine fan and does have to be treated with tender loving care. If done so it can withstand a good duration of time.

Inside each of your garments you will have a care label which will give you the specific instructions for the care of your item but here are a few additional hints and tips.

1. Ensure you buy your swim in a size that fits snugly -over time Lycra will stretch so don’t buy on the roomy size.

2. Lycra is not a hot water fan – only ever cold wash by hand

3. Avoid detergents and fabric softeners – if you have been on holiday maybe only use these for good wash at the end.

4. After every wear rinse with cold water

5. Never wrap your swim wear in a towel after use – it will cause the chlorine to heat and attack the lycra material quicker

6. Always dry by air but not in direct sunlight as this will cause the colours to fade. Over the side of the bath at night is a good place!

7. NEVER tumble dry – your swim wear will hate you forever!

8. If you have had to leave it in a bag all day, ensure you put it in a clean plastic bag having rinsed it once in cold water and then rinse again when you get home.

9.  Do not wring out your swim wear — gently squeeze to get out excess moisture.

10. Try not to get sun lotion directly onto you swimwear.

All Freya swimwear has this sewn in label with these instructions to help you:

All Freya Swimwear is kitted with this label withese these!

Sew in Label

Rinse after use in cold water

Warm hand wash only

Do not tumble dry

Do not bleach

Do not Iron

Do not use fabric conditioner

Wash colours separately

Care for you Swim wear, Freya Fitting Talk


I hope this ensures your swimwear stays perfect for longer.




Swimwear Review – Mirage 0

No I am not seeing things…Mirage Tutti Fruiti is the most beautiful swimwear set and my favourite to date.

I have already worn it out to a spa day with the girls and got a lot of compliments which totally made my day. It is so suited for me because it is fuss free in comparison to a swim suit (meaning no stripping to go for a wee which always feels odd to me in public toilets!) and also covers that dreaded Mum Tum. I know I harp on about this but we all have our horrid areas and the tummy is mine. I know you don’t have to be a Mum to not like your Tum, but with this it doesn’t matter either way, it covers the lot.

Mirage Tutti Fruiti is a swim wear design influenced by the 80′s graffiti print and consists of pinks and corals in colour with striking black floral design over the top. When I first studied it I felt it had the influence of Japan in it, with the Orchid flower design and sunset colours and it fitted into the spa scene smoothly.

Swimwear review, mirage, Freya, Fitting Talk

This is not me (sadly) but is exactly how I feel in this swimwear!


CyberMummy11 0

Last weekend was the UK’s biggest Mummy blogging conference of the year – CyberMummy 2011.

‘What?’ I hear you cry ‘is this geeky event?” and ‘how on earth does it link to me or Freya?” I shall reveal all.

Firstly it is my idea of heaven. As a new Mummy blogger of Multiple Mummy and slight…ok maybe huge blogging addict I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to this even courtesy of BabyBornFree bottles to learn more about blogging and to get to meet some of the fabulous people I have got to know through twitter.