Winter Comforts

Winter Comforts 0

I have a confession to make. I LOVE winter. As everyone else starts lamenting over the dark evenings and chilly temperatures, I secretly love snuggling up under a duvet on the sofa, digging out my thick tights and woolly hats and seeing my breath in the air. This may have something to do with having spent much of my childhood growing up in the Mediterranean where we had little in the way of seasons- it’s slightly colder in the winter but I definitely remember spending a number of Christmas days in jeans and a t-shirt. So proper cold weather is still something of a novelty for me- as is really warming, comfort food and drink. My list of Christmas presents for friends and family nearly always includes a cookbook, and this year is no exception. More

Frocks, Ties, wellies and Freya 0

Contrary to the image my other posts may portray, I do occasionally wear clothes other than workout gear. Honestly.

This month I went to a brilliant event down at Farm Club, a local project where I spend a lot of time with the Mini Divas, family and friends. We grow our own veg and have animals on the farm that we all help to look after, and take a share in the meat and produce. Kids learn about cookery and where their food comes from, we have a members breakfast every Sunday, learn about what to plant and when, and generally have a lot of fun. More

5 ways to make exercise part of your life 0

We all know it makes sense to keep fit (don’t we?!). But, sometimes so easily a week can pass and we realise we have only done one gym session, or have fallen short of the training plan by a few miles. Life is busy, and we all have other things to fit in in limited time,  so how can exercise be easily accommodated into our routine to make it a habit? More