Fever in Dominica

Fever in Dominica 0

One of the benefits of being a travel writer is that when England decides to inflict such a long winter on us, I occasionally get to escape to warmer climes. In February, my boyfriend and I headed out to Dominica in the Caribbean, where we stayed at the stunning Rosalie Bay. Dominica has an incredible landscape- we discovered beaches, mountains and freshwater rivers running through the jungle. Here are some pictures I took of the walk to a waterfall pool- and then some slightly wobblier pictures that are just stills from my flipcam that a fellow tourist kindly took for us. I’m wearing my favourite Fever swimsuit, the best one-piece I’ve owned in my adult life. Of course it has a built in bra which makes it super flattering. I’m already counting down the days til I get to wear it again!


Diva’s Deco Diaries 0






Well helloooo there, Fitting Talk readers! I hope you are keeping away the Winter blues as we are nearing the end of January…roll on Spring, I say!

I am really excited about Freya’s celebration of one of my favourite ever bras, the delicious, delectable and dependable Deco. Deco is my favourite Freya bra because it is reliable, supportive and so well shaped. I wear mine under t-shirts, sheer lined tops and yoga gear, and count it as my g0-to for daily comfort and support.


Santa Baby! 0

Christmas lingerie for wife

Years and years ago, my older sister used to work in the lingerie department at a large luxury department store in Manchester, where every year in December ( usually a couple of days before Christmas, if not Christmas Eve itself), she would be inundated with panic-stricken gents who had planned to pick their wife the perfect lingerie set for Christmas, but had simply run out of time (or inspiration!)

As one guy reached for the stereotypical red, lacy micro lingerie set, my sister went over to give the guy a hand as every year in January, the red, lacy sets would be returned by the wives and exchanged for something pretty and sexy but practical – in essence, something both her AND her man could enjoy ;) More

Breaking the Mould

Breaking the Mould 0

I’ve had something of a breakthrough, and wanted to share it with you. As one of Freya’s bloggers, I get to try lots of their bras, but so far I’m afraid I’ve probably been quite unadventurous, generally sticking to the sort of styles I’m used to. But the other day, the lovely folk at Freya popped a new bra in the post that I hadn’t requested; the Deco Honey Moulded Plunge Bra. More