Brands and beneath 0

Among my current weekly watchlist of shows is Secrets of the Superbrands which airs on the ever-evolving BBC3.

It’s a great one to watch as a consumer  - which, by default, we all are – and gives a fascinating insight to the history of huge brands we know and love and the ways in which we are influenced to purchase.

As a designer and writer involved in projects with large brands over the years this is something I am aware of as part of my job, but to get under the skin of the psychology of the consumer experience is always fascinating to watch.


Banish bad bras with Freya 0

The Holy Fit:

Champions of The Holy Fit, Freya have not only supplied us with the beautiful bras to hold ‘the girls’ in, but have always encouraged that the correct fit should accompany them.

Freya’s The Holy Fit campaign was launched to demonstrate how a bra should fit. It is a wonderful fun and colourful website with very clear and in depth explanation of fitting. There is a role-play video which explains how important it is to get properly fitted and what to look for in a good fitting bra. The expert and the actor being fitted make the viewer feel more at ease and can understand what is being explained much more. The fact that the girl is hesitant at first is very clever as it reveals that many people THINK they know their size…either from being fitted in a high street store or just from staying in the same bras for so long but many in fact are mistaken. The fitter is very understanding and puts the girl at ease which encourages viewers to not be anxious or afraid of going to get fitted themselves. She most importantly makes known the fact that most women are wearing too big a band size and too small a cup size. Overall, a great overview of the importance of fitting and what makes a bra fit well, and very well presented with a great website with videos and flash images, music etc. to make it fun and pleasing on the eye which is infinitely better than a big essay of text which many fitting guides use. The fly-on-the-wall effect of the video makes you feel like you are there and experiencing the fitting process which makes viewers more comfortable, inspiring them to actually go along themselves.


A Freya Liberation… 0

Ok. I have a confession to make. I am a Freya lingerie virgin. There I said it. I’m sorry. *Shakes head in shame*.

But as I am not a girl that has been blessed with, as dear Gok would say, “bangers”. God, or my mother, (take your pick which) ensured that my bosoms were in fact, as I like to tell myself (and my boyfriend) small but perfectly formed. Therefore, fit was not really an issue for me, unlike my blissfully bigger busted friends, who are in fact blessed with bosoms that would make Gok appear out of nowhere and run towards them gleefully.


Trip to Eveden Corset Factory – 24th May 2011 0

Eveden factory, Desborough

As you may have read from my last post, the Freya blog meeting was an event I was looking forward to for months. I’d planned my outfit through piles of different shoes, shirts, trousers, dresses and of course, bras; only to have the actual day get off to a pretty bad start. I woke up extra early to make sure I was organised, on time and prepared – I didn’t want to have to rush or risk being late for the ‘big day’.

So, I left my room at 10.30, ready as I could be for the meeting, not a hair out of place. Next step was only to go fill up my petrol and I’d be off for the (just under) two hour drive to Kettering. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well no, unfortunately it wasn’t. I had some serious bank issues and after what seemed like forever on the phone to customer services and a rather frustrated petrol services chap I ended up leaving for Kettering at 12.40 – nearly two hours later than originally planned!



The Freya A/W press event, March 17th 2011 – The story of how I became an ‘expert blogger’ 0

The wonder that is Twitter – one day I was just minding my own business blabbering away a load of useless rubbish (under 140 characters) via Twitter about how I was dubious about the Autumn/Winter Freya swim collection. Not that I don’t like it from a design and concept perspective – just nothing really hit me as something that would appeal to me personally. A fan of colourful and fairly loud floral and graphic patterns (my personal favourite Freya bikinis are my trusty Bamboo Island, Mystic and Zodiac), The understated chic of A/W didn’t really grab me.

Next thing I know I get an email from Ann-marie Manley, head of marketing of Eveden Limited expressing her disappointment of my reaction to the collection. My first reaction was – why does she care? I’m just one person who probably has too many bikinis to begin with and has become a bit picky and is stuck in a swimwear-shaped rut. I assured Ann-marie of all of the above and she invited me to the Eveden A/W press event in London to get a closer look at the collection ‘in the flesh’. After wiping the saliva off my chin accepted her invitation and a few weeks later I found myself running down Carnaby Street to the Eveden London office for what was one of the most exciting days of my young life.

A glimpse into some A/W 2011 products at the Eveden London showroom