Swimwear Review: Freya Venetian Bikini 0

Me doing my very best ‘Champion’ pose in the Freya Venetian, 28FF.

I reviewed this bikini on my own blog Invest in Your Chest back in April and I have been finding excuses to wear it ever since. The Venetian gives the fit, comfort and style you expect from a Freya bikini, with a bold colourful graphic print and cutesy frills – quite frankly I’ve fallen in love!

In my original review – I put this bra through its paces by wearing it to a water park – think slides, rubber rings, children and hot tubs – my friend Becky found the experience so strenuous she had a nose bleed!


Brands and beneath 0

Among my current weekly watchlist of shows is Secrets of the Superbrands which airs on the ever-evolving BBC3.

It’s a great one to watch as a consumer  - which, by default, we all are – and gives a fascinating insight to the history of huge brands we know and love and the ways in which we are influenced to purchase.

As a designer and writer involved in projects with large brands over the years this is something I am aware of as part of my job, but to get under the skin of the psychology of the consumer experience is always fascinating to watch.


Trip to Eveden Corset Factory – 24th May 2011 0

Eveden factory, Desborough

As you may have read from my last post, the Freya blog meeting was an event I was looking forward to for months. I’d planned my outfit through piles of different shoes, shirts, trousers, dresses and of course, bras; only to have the actual day get off to a pretty bad start. I woke up extra early to make sure I was organised, on time and prepared – I didn’t want to have to rush or risk being late for the ‘big day’.

So, I left my room at 10.30, ready as I could be for the meeting, not a hair out of place. Next step was only to go fill up my petrol and I’d be off for the (just under) two hour drive to Kettering. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well no, unfortunately it wasn’t. I had some serious bank issues and after what seemed like forever on the phone to customer services and a rather frustrated petrol services chap I ended up leaving for Kettering at 12.40 – nearly two hours later than originally planned!



Lingerie love – a legacy 0

I have had a fascination with lingerie since my teenage years.

At the age of 16 I worked in the lingerie section of  a retailers for Saturday job and I adored the different designs, shapes, cups and fits I suddenly discovered. I think my weekend wages were ploughed back into my new found passion but I was armed with new knowledge about well fitted bras, and far too much experience of older ladies and gravity….Later, for an A level art project I looked into the history of underwear, and the love of lingerie has stayed with me since those days.

I have always been well endowed since a young age – I was the girl in school with big boobs at getting my bra straps pinged by the boys and avoiding the swim days to keep my figure hidden. I loved to wear baggy clothes ( hey, it was the 90′s and I was an indie kid) but, sadly, spent a lot of time hiding my figure as I felt embarrassed at the attention my chest seemed to get.  At 18 I was  32DD with 26″ waist – how I would LOVE to have those stats these days – I am a 32 F and size 12 waist/hips, not an easy combination for dress sizes I can tell you. More