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Hey Fitting Talk readers,

So, recently I have been trying out the brand new Deco Shape range. Deco is without a doubt my favourite Freya Lingerie line as it gently moulds and shapes under any fabric – my go to essential – so the shapewear range had me all a-dither with excitement.

I love to wear retro style dresses; one I have is rather tight fitting, the other has a halterneck, and sometimes I just need a little helping hand. The fitted slip is great for just smoothing out any cheeky lumps and bumps for a smoother line, and the 3 -way bra can act as a strapless, halter neck or normal bra. Genius!


As summer is here and seems to be staying I love to dress up and get out and about. Have you tried the Deco Shapewear yet? What do you think?

Say Hello to Deco Shapewear!

Say Hello to Deco Shapewear! 0


Deco is my all time favourite range of Freya lingerie I don’t mind telling you.

I wear Deco most days to shape under t-shirts, vintage dresses, blouses – you name it, I Deco it – and the arrival of Deco Shapewear currently has me all in a tizzy.

I will level with you, ladies. I am 36, soon to be 37. I am Mum to young twins. Let’s just say things don’t seem quite as…nubile as they were 10 years ago. Now don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my body and all  it has achieved in these 36 years. I don’t subscribe to the view that women should look a certain way, and I love my curves, as most Freya ladies too. More

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Well helloooo there, Fitting Talk readers! I hope you are keeping away the Winter blues as we are nearing the end of January…roll on Spring, I say!

I am really excited about Freya’s celebration of one of my favourite ever bras, the delicious, delectable and dependable Deco. Deco is my favourite Freya bra because it is reliable, supportive and so well shaped. I wear mine under t-shirts, sheer lined tops and yoga gear, and count it as my g0-to for daily comfort and support.


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Contrary to the image my other posts may portray, I do occasionally wear clothes other than workout gear. Honestly.

This month I went to a brilliant event down at Farm Club, a local project where I spend a lot of time with the Mini Divas, family and friends. We grow our own veg and have animals on the farm that we all help to look after, and take a share in the meat and produce. Kids learn about cookery and where their food comes from, we have a members breakfast every Sunday, learn about what to plant and when, and generally have a lot of fun. More