Lingerie Review: Freya Deco Strapless 0

It was a beautiful sunny day here in the UK, so what better time to rock a strapless dress? I’ve compiled some of my favourite strapless looks for you:

Dress, Republic 2010

Belt, Vintage

Chain Necklace, Topshop 2009

Tassle Necklace, Accessorize 2011 More

Freya Warehouse Sale.. 3

If you follow Freya lingerie on Facebook as well, you will have no doubt noticed a post saying they were holding a warehouse sale last weekend.. well as I live less than an hour away how could a girl resist? So despite feeling a tad worse for wear (although of course ensuring the alcohol had sufficient time to leave my blood stream, I’m a good girl really) off I trotted.

After a few seconds of feeling like I was entering invited to someones place of work, I heard raucous female laughter and found myself face to face with rows and rows of boxes full of Freya goodies….


Results and revelations: Freya Edith lounge nightie 0

So today I found out that not only have I passed my degree, I’ve got a 2.1 – the grade that I was crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes for.

So how am I planning on celebrating tomorrow? In the way a only student knows how – doing nothing.

Not to undermine that students work hard, but over the three years of being an undergraduate if many of them are like me (and I can pretty much guarantee they are!) they will have become somewhat of an expert in ‘lounging’. Think baggy The Smiths tshirt, Morrisey’s face or perhaps an album cover emblazoned across my unbridled bosoms and an oversized pair of tracksuit bottoms or pyjama bottoms.