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Freya prepare for Christmas at their Fitting Event in Selfridges, London 0

I know it seems like only a few short months ago we were in the blistering heat of Summer, and it seems crazy that it will be Christmas one month from today. Don’t panic, as Freya have been lending their customers helping hand at various fitting events across the country so that they know which bra size to tell Santa to buy them. I went along to the Selfridges event last weekend for a spot of Freya stalking, and I was really impressed with the style and size range that was available.


Care for your Swim Wear 0

So you have just invested in your key swim wear essentials for the summer, you ideally want them to stay as vibrant and as perfectly fitted as the day you bought them. In fact you would be pretty chuffed it it would do another summer so that you can keep adding to your collection and have a a different swim item everyday (my ideal dream!). It is important to remember that swim garments will naturally fade with use considering the conditions that we put them under like extreme sunlight and chlorine however here is some advice to keep your swim wear in tip top condition:

The first thing to note is that Freya Swim Wear is made mainly of Lycra in it to give you that great fit, and enable brilliantly vibrant and beautiful designed prints. Some items are made with ‘Extra life Lycra’ in it meaning it is more resistant to chlorine which is worth checking out if you know you do a lot of swimming.

Lycra is not a chlorine fan and does have to be treated with tender loving care. If done so it can withstand a good duration of time.

Inside each of your garments you will have a care label which will give you the specific instructions for the care of your item but here are a few additional hints and tips.

1. Ensure you buy your swim in a size that fits snugly -over time Lycra will stretch so don’t buy on the roomy size.

2. Lycra is not a hot water fan – only ever cold wash by hand

3. Avoid detergents and fabric softeners – if you have been on holiday maybe only use these for good wash at the end.

4. After every wear rinse with cold water

5. Never wrap your swim wear in a towel after use – it will cause the chlorine to heat and attack the lycra material quicker

6. Always dry by air but not in direct sunlight as this will cause the colours to fade. Over the side of the bath at night is a good place!

7. NEVER tumble dry – your swim wear will hate you forever!

8. If you have had to leave it in a bag all day, ensure you put it in a clean plastic bag having rinsed it once in cold water and then rinse again when you get home.

9.  Do not wring out your swim wear — gently squeeze to get out excess moisture.

10. Try not to get sun lotion directly onto you swimwear.

All Freya swimwear has this sewn in label with these instructions to help you:

All Freya Swimwear is kitted with this label withese these!

Sew in Label

Rinse after use in cold water

Warm hand wash only

Do not tumble dry

Do not bleach

Do not Iron

Do not use fabric conditioner

Wash colours separately

Care for you Swim wear, Freya Fitting Talk


I hope this ensures your swimwear stays perfect for longer.




Banish bad bras with Freya 0

The Holy Fit:

Champions of The Holy Fit, Freya have not only supplied us with the beautiful bras to hold ‘the girls’ in, but have always encouraged that the correct fit should accompany them.

Freya’s The Holy Fit campaign was launched to demonstrate how a bra should fit. It is a wonderful fun and colourful website with very clear and in depth explanation of fitting. There is a role-play video which explains how important it is to get properly fitted and what to look for in a good fitting bra. The expert and the actor being fitted make the viewer feel more at ease and can understand what is being explained much more. The fact that the girl is hesitant at first is very clever as it reveals that many people THINK they know their size…either from being fitted in a high street store or just from staying in the same bras for so long but many in fact are mistaken. The fitter is very understanding and puts the girl at ease which encourages viewers to not be anxious or afraid of going to get fitted themselves. She most importantly makes known the fact that most women are wearing too big a band size and too small a cup size. Overall, a great overview of the importance of fitting and what makes a bra fit well, and very well presented with a great website with videos and flash images, music etc. to make it fun and pleasing on the eye which is infinitely better than a big essay of text which many fitting guides use. The fly-on-the-wall effect of the video makes you feel like you are there and experiencing the fitting process which makes viewers more comfortable, inspiring them to actually go along themselves.


Hello and welcome to ‘Fitting Talk’ 1

Hello readers and welcome to Freya Lingerie’s new blog ‘Fitting Talk’, a long-awaited community which follows the recent social media involvement of the company including the brilliant ‘Bra Doctors’ and ‘Blog Star’ competition… a prize which was awarded to our very much deserving Kerry!

My name is Cheryl and I write a lingerie-based focus blog called Invest In your Chest where I regularly write bra reviews, features and talk about all things under-cracker related.

I was invited to join the ‘Fitting Talk’ blog team after regularly praising the brand for everything that it stands for: great fit, beautiful and cute lingerie and most importantly, catering for the bigger cup size. My personal blog tends to gravitate towards the bigger-busted lady, however it is true to say that for years the larger busted woman would really struggle to find lingerie that they could not only be comfortable in but be proud of and feel sexy in. In my opinion, this is where Freya come in. Since the brand’s launch in 1998, they have been championing the larger cup sized market – now offering stunning lingerie up to a K cup – what’s not to love? More