Pack Like the Fash Pack 0

So soon I’ll be flying off to Italy for a few days to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary *sniffs and wipes away a happy tear*. Literally can not wait to get back to Amalfi and re-live all of those incredible memories from last year when we got married in Ravello (if you recently watched Masterchef where they cooked with Mama Agata, that’s where we got married. mmmmm pasta.)

As any fashionista will be aware, packing to go anywhere can of course be a challenge. Especially when you only have limited luggage allowance and are away for a short time (where’s that private jet when you need it eh girls?) So here are my top stylist tips for packing for a holiday in sunnier climes…here goes…

1) Think ‘Whole’ Outfits

I’d love to take the whole of my wardrobe with me but luggage restrictions are a harsh reality of travelling! Therefore, I like to think about ‘outfits’ rather than volume of clothing. That’s the way I approach my day to day wardrobe in this country so I apply the same principles when I travel.

Work out how many ‘outfits’ you need. Not clothes – outfits. A lot of people tend to take lots of clothes, but few outfits, and this is when packing starts to stress you out. If you’re struggling to put any outfits together with what you have, it’s likely you are missing key capsule holiday pieces, like perhaps denim shorts, block colour kaftans, white / black vest (or other block colours that work with the rest of your wardrobe like nude, grey, navy etc), metallic sandals that work with everything etc. Ask yourself, what is stopping me from wearing this piece of clothing? If the answer is ‘you don’t have the right shoes to go with this dress’ either decide to get a pair of shoes that work with that dress AND at least 2 other things, or decide not to take the dress. Unless it’s something I particularly love and just want to wear as a statement one night, I try to find at least 2 ways of wearing 1 piece to get the most out of what I take with me.

2) The ‘W’ Approach

First think about WHAT you will be doing and WHAT / WHERE / WHEN you will need clothes for. This is the best place to start. I have a ‘holiday’ wardrobe so I get everything out on the bed and start editing down which outfits I want to take. I then start to bring in shoes and accessories to finish them off.  Don’t forget the right underwear to go with your outfit too! Personally I pack a Deco set in Nude or Ivory and Black, and then a strapless nude bra which covers every single imaginable outfit, and of course some prettier Freya Lingerie for other days. My favourite at the moment is the Totally Tartan, which is definitely coming on the trip.

3) Maximise with Accessories

I tend to take more accessories that anything else! They can transform a piece of clothing to dress it up, down and make it work for a number of different occasions. I tend to personally focus on comfort – when I’m relaxing on holiday I like to feel relaxed in my clothes but still look good, so I focus a lot on what outfits work with wedges and flat sandals (I never take heels anywhere where it’s hot). I do take a lot of block capsule colours like black, white, marl grey, nudes as you can make them look different by pairing them with a bright vest / statement necklace whereas once you’ve worn a patterned dress once in a resort you may feel like you don’t want to wear it again and again. Block colours overcome that, and you can just add interest to the outfits with accessories.

4) My Style Essentials

I take a couple of good capsule layering pieces to keep warm on the plane and just in case it’s chilly in the evening – a nude blazer and light knit are favourites to take with me. A good pair of sandals for the day (dressy and casual), and then a couple of pairs of wedges for evening that will work with all the clothes I’m taking. Shoes are heavy and weigh down your case, so I select metallic and nude colours that work with all hues for optimum mixing and matching. This year I’m loving midi tube skirts and dresses – they look great in the day and can be dressed up with wedges at night so they are definitely a top pick for me as well. I also never forget my cats eye sunglasses (for glam days) and my RayBan Wayfarers for a more relaxed vibe.

So there are my top tips for packing in style for your summer break. Let’s hope we bring the Amalfi sunshine back with us!

Nicola x