Spring Style Advice for Your Body Shape 0

Spring is here! Oh wait no, it’s actually snowing.

Well, either way at this time of year I’m busy updating client’s wardrobes with spring capsule pieces and new styles they’ve never tried before in order to keep their wardrobes looking fresh and modern. Having done a My Style Masterclass for Spring a couple of weeks ago, which helps women to update their wardrobes easily for the season ahead, I thought I’d offer some style ideas and fashion inspiration for you Fitting Talk fans from us My Style Companion Personal Shoppers so that when the sun does put his hat on, you’re ready to rock.

I’ve broken the style advice down in regards to areas of the body that women often tell me they are conscious of and would like to disguise when putting together outfits in order to give you style solutions to overcome that. I hope they help you!

Conscious of your Tummy?

Layering is the key here! Look for capsule pieces in capsule colours that you can layer over lots of your tops and dresses such as a neutral coloured boyfriend blazer or cardigan. Mint Velvet, Zara, Warehouse and Mango have some great options this season.

Ensure you are wearing the correct bra! You wouldn’t believe the amount of times client’s have watched their so-called ‘tummy’ disappear when we give them the correct underwear. Boosting your bust gives you a great waistline and a flatter looking tummy so well worth the effort of getting properly fitted.

Freya Gem Bra, £30

Use statement necklaces and earrings, interesting necklines or you favourite bright lipstick to draw the eye up and away from the tummy.

mint velvet waiscoat

Mint Velvet, £69

Curvy Hips, Bottom and Thighs?

Often women who have curvy hips, bottoms and thighs find it challenging to get jeans and trousers that fit well on the waist AND the hips. When shopping for jeans, look for jeans with a percentage of spandex in them such as Levi’s Curve ID or many highstreet store’s now do skinny jeans / jeggings with elastane or viscose in them so it helps to skim and fit to all the right places, however some of these can feel too thin and revealing for many women which is why I often recommend the Levi’s Curve ID in Demi or Bold Curve.

As an alternative try this season’s trendy tube skirts and dresses which are stretchy therefore overcoming the issue of fit. Pick a dark colour like charcoal or black to slim your lower half and then team with a more detailed top such as a neon tee (neon and grey look great for spring) or a floral top to bring the eye up and balance the outfit proportions.

Levi Curve ID

Levi Curve ID, £80

Calves or Ankles (or haven’t had time for a wax!)

Midi tube skirts are a great option for you and are very current at the moment if the length comes past the calves and more lands on the ankle (if you like your ankles). Alternatively look for maxi skirts and dresses if you don’t like your lower legs at all – this also overcomes any pasty or unwaxed leg situations. Try not to go for skirts that finish on the particular area you least like e.g. calf length skirt, as this will draw attention right to the area –either go short or longer. Topshop, Miss Selfridge, River Island have some good options at the moment.

Peacocks Midi Tube Skirt

Peacocks, £12

Large Bust

A good bra is essential for a larger bust. If you’ve been wearing the wrong size bra, getting the right size could shave inches off your top half and make your bust look more toned and youthful. However many women often don’t know they are wearing the wrong size!! Watch this great video about bra fitting which will help you ensure you are in fact wearing the right size for you.

Many women often think that having a large bust limits you to V-neck tops but this isn’t the case. You just may need to avoid tops which cover all of your décolletage area which can make you look top heavy and also look to avoid tops which have too much fuss over the bust as this can look too busy.

Phase Eight tops

Phase Eight, £55

Upper arms

If you tend not to like your upper arms opt for ¾ length sleeves or sleeves that come to just above the elbow will be the most flattering. Short sleeves can work, but look at where they finish on the arm – it may draw attention to that area. You will most likely avoid strapless or spaghetti strap tops, but you could always wear them with a layer over the top such as a blazer or cardigan, or utilise the ones you have in your wardrobe under shirts, blouses and low neck tops for layering.  If you wear a statement necklace or interesting neckline on a top this will help to draw the eye in and away from the arms, and bracelets and cocktail rings will draw the eye down and away from the upper arms.

Oasis bird top

Oasis, £38

Décolletage & Neck

Often women get to a certain age and feel self-conscious about this area, so if you want to add more tone and vitality to your neck and décolletage try brighter coloured tops and patterns as the plainer the top, the more the eye will be drawn to this area. You can of course still wear plain tops, but add an interesting necklace or scarf to the area – you will instantly get a facelift and your face will look more toned and healthy. For accessories, at the moment, we are having a love affair with Stella & Dot! Great colours, great quality and something for everyone. Lately I’ve been working with Stella & Dot stylist Liz Cooper who has given some of my clients some great style advice in regards to accessorizing.

Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot Carmen, £135

If you would like more advice on what to wear this season, you can always check out my eBook ‘Nothing to Wear’ by Nicola Cupples available to download from Amazon for just £4.99 which basically helps women who are feeling like they have lots of clothes but no outfits. It’s written by me personally and is based on all my experience as a personal shopper working with real women wanting style advice.

Nothing to wear