Kerry Farrow – Our Blog Star 5

We celebrate the life of our Blog Star, the beautiful mother of 3, wife to Nick, writer of the award winning Multiple Mummy and Science Sparks blog and so much more to everyone she knew.

Freya lingerie is sad to inform our fans that our Freya Blog Star, Kerry Farrow passed away on 14th December after a tough battle with a brain hemorrhage which occurred in July 2012. It is devastating news to lose such a talented, young woman, all of our love and thoughts are with Kerry’s family and friends.

 We would like to take this opportunity to devote a post to Kerry, the fabulous work she did for Freya, and her infectious enthusiasm for our brand. We first met Kerry in May 2011 when she entered the Freya Blog Star competition to win a place on the Freya Fitting Talk blog. Kerry went on to win the Blog Star competition with a huge percentage of the vote as chosen by the Freya Facebook fans. Recalling Kerry’s first post on the Fitting Talk blog, she immediately understood the importance of correctly fitting lingerie, the fact that the Fitting Talk blog was more than just a list of reviews. It was a place to talk ‘girl stuff’ – about aching feet, the importance of bra fitting which Kerry named ‘Breastication’ or her new haircut – Kerry kept us all very entertained with inspiring posts.

 Here is a snapshot of Kerry’s introduction to readers on the blog:

 I used to have cleavage…then I had children! A stay at home Mum of three under three, passionate about science and teacher by trade (geek chic), a chocoholic, blogger at Multiple Mummy and lover of fashion and anything that glitters.”

 After sending Kerry our Deco moulded plunge bra – it can be said Kerry found her cleavage! On multiple occasions when we saw here, we would say “Kerry! Your boobs look amazing!” she would reply – “It’s my Deco” (with a little wiggle and a big flashing smile).

 Everyone in the Freya office were fans of her Multiple Mummy blog, we always looked to see if any cute pictures had been posted of Little Madam, BB and Chilled Out Boy – we loved to hear of their adventures. Of course we knew Multiple Mummy as a popular and award winning blog but Kerry’s popularity really shone through when we sponsored her at Cybher in May 2012 – all the bloggers in attendance knew of Kerry and everyone who saw her wanted to chat and felt so happy to be in her presence. That day there was a lot of giggling around the Freya Fitting Booth and Kerry helped us to spur on fellow bloggers to get fitted!

Kerry was a joy to work with, her passion for product and writing was electric – we would love to bounce off her ideas to create engaging and innovative posts! She would always come to us with ideas from ’50 shades of lingerie’ to ‘Big boobs vs Small Boobs’. Kerry was so pro-active and always thinking of the next post even though she had 3 children under the age of 3, a blog of her own and some science teaching too! She really was Wonderwoman to fit it all in! The Freya blog receives readers from all over the world and Kerry’s contribution made us incredibly proud as a business to know that many countries would read her posts.

A few words from the Freya Team and fellow Fitting Talk bloggers:

Jo Gifford a fellow Freya Fitting Talk blogger and friend of Kerry’s: “I am so very saddened to hear of the death of our lovely Kerry. As a fellow blogger and twin mum she was inspiring, full of life and brought so much joy to those who knew her and worked with her. My thoughts are with her family, and we shall miss her very much.”

Nicola Fulstow who joined the Fitting Talk Blog in 2012: “I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Kerry, but her blogs touched the hearts and minds of many people who she may have never met. All my thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends xxx.”

Holly Henstock, PR Manager at Freya: “We were delighted when Kerry won our Blog Star competition, she was so excited to become a Freya blogger and we couldn’t wait for her to join us either. When we first met Kerry she was so nervous, she didn’t want to let anyone down but of course she needn’t have worried – she blew us all away with her wonderful personality, sense of humour, her passion to write and eagerness to learn more about lingerie.  To put it simply, Kerry was an amazing woman and we will always remember her!”

Katie Weir, PR Asisstant at Freya: “Her laugh, her big brown eyes and lovely smile will always remain in my mind when I think about our Blog Star, she bought a lot of energy and happiness to everyone she met whether in person or through the internet. I am sending all my love and thoughts to her family and friends with special cuddles for Florence, Noah and Zachery.”