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Christmas lingerie for wife

Years and years ago, my older sister used to work in the lingerie department at a large luxury department store in Manchester, where every year in December ( usually a couple of days before Christmas, if not Christmas Eve itself), she would be inundated with panic-stricken gents who had planned to pick their wife the perfect lingerie set for Christmas, but had simply run out of time (or inspiration!)

As one guy reached for the stereotypical red, lacy micro lingerie set, my sister went over to give the guy a hand as every year in January, the red, lacy sets would be returned by the wives and exchanged for something pretty and sexy but practical – in essence, something both her AND her man could enjoy ;)

That’s another reason I love Freya – they offer amazing lingerie for us girls – comfy, practical, great support and so many pretty patterns, it’s hard to decide which one we like best BUT they also offer the sex-appeal for the fellas as well. So if any gents out there are looking to buy lingerie this year for the Mrs, Freya is a great place to start (and finish!)

Top Tips for Buying Christmas Gifts of Lingerie for Your Wife…

UNTAMED lingerie set for wife

1) So first place to start chaps is you need to be armed with their bust size *queue the uncertain looking bloke who holds out his cupped hands and says “about this big”*. Sounds obvious, but some lingerie may come in a set and doesn’t account for the fact that women often have very different body ratios to each other. SO make sure you find out the size she takes in knickers, as well as the bra. Freya sell their bras and knickers separately to ensure you can get the exact right size for her proportions.

Believe me when I say that getting the size correct is really important! A woman never wants to hear that her husband thinks she’s a size bigger knickers than she actually is (could make for awkward start to Christmas day)! :-)

2) Think about the style of bra and knickers your wife / GF likes to wear – there’s probably a reason she usually wears a thong (perhaps so there’s no VPL when she’s dressed) or perhaps she prefers the comfort of a full pant. If you take this in to consideration, your wife will be hugely appreciative!

For the woman who likes pretty prints, try UNTAMED in AMYTHEST (picture above). However as a woman, when your man buys you underwear, you want to feel like it’s a treat for him too, which is why the LYLA set is perfect for the giver and the receiver!


3) Consider the clothes she likes to wear – whether she likes prints / brights / block colour / something pretty, vintage , on-trend, or sexy – the same will usually apply to her underwear.

If your wife likes BRIGHT, BLOCK colour, try the DECO HONEY range, available in different colours…

Deco Honey

So good luck chaps when buying your christmas gifts this year! Hopefully you’ll have a freya, merry Christmas!

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Nicola x