Breaking the Mould 0

I’ve had something of a breakthrough, and wanted to share it with you. As one of Freya’s bloggers, I get to try lots of their bras, but so far I’m afraid I’ve probably been quite unadventurous, generally sticking to the sort of styles I’m used to. But the other day, the lovely folk at Freya popped a new bra in the post that I hadn’t requested; the Deco Honey Moulded Plunge Bra.

Now, as someone who’s fairly generously endowed, I have always tended to steer clear of anything padded or moulded- my gut instinct always seems to say, ‘you’ve got quite enough there already without adding any extra material to the equation!’ So I would probably never have chosen this bra for myself- and when it arrived in the post I was a bit intimidated- a moulded E cup looks a lot like some sort of boulder/catapult device when it’s off. But when I put it on, I was genuinely thrilled. It gives the PERFECT amount of cleavage- holding everything up and in place without pushing your breasts together into a ridiculous monoboob that you can rest your chin on the way some cleavage enhancing bras do. It’s also incredibly comfortable, and I love the fact that you can’t see any seams through your clothes. I’ve had so many complements on it -from girlfriends I’m close enough to for them to feel comfortable commenting on the mysterious new gravity-defying power of my bosom- and even from my boyfriend who absolutely never has any opinion on underwear. In his words- ‘all your bras should be like this’. Yes. Yes they jolly well should.