Winter Comforts 0

I have a confession to make. I LOVE winter. As everyone else starts lamenting over the dark evenings and chilly temperatures, I secretly love snuggling up under a duvet on the sofa, digging out my thick tights and woolly hats and seeing my breath in the air. This may have something to do with having spent much of my childhood growing up in the Mediterranean where we had little in the way of seasons- it’s slightly colder in the winter but I definitely remember spending a number of Christmas days in jeans and a t-shirt. So proper cold weather is still something of a novelty for me- as is really warming, comfort food and drink. My list of Christmas presents for friends and family nearly always includes a cookbook, and this year is no exception.

The wonderful Angel Adoree has written her second book (you can see my review of her first here) The Vintage Tea Party Year, and it’s the perfect present for your mum/sister/mother in law/best friend.  I’m currently drooling over all the winter sections- which feature so much more than just recipes. The book has both beautiful illustrations and fantastically styled photographs, as well as tips on how to create perfect vintage hairstyles and even craft sections explaining how to make everything from your own bunting to a bow tie. Yes- bow tie, Angel has bravely featured a section on how to throw ‘a gentleman’s tea party’- not a cupcake in site, instead imagine asparagus cigars and whisky sours.


One of the things you’ll notice straight away from the photos in the book is Angel’s amazing ability to style a spread for every occasion- the book features menus for new year’s eve,weddings,mums-to-be,street parties, Guy Fawkes parties and more. And if you’re not as gifted as Angel creatively, she’s even included beautiful invitations for each event- illustrated by Adele Mildred.

These pies are actually from the summer ‘picnic tea-party’ pages of the book, but a good pie has to be one of the best winter treats. What perks you up in the colder months? You can chat to me on twitter @katieantoniou.


Here’s a snap of me (in the middle), Fleur de guerre (who writes the wonderful blog Diary of a Vintage Girl and also models in Angel’s book) and Angel herself,holding her book. Always the epitome of vintage glamour, Angel confessed to me that under her glad rags she was in fact wearing a Freya bra!

The Vintage Tea Party Year by Angel Adoree, published by Mitchell Beazley £20