Racer back love with Freya Active 0

Never one to make life easy for myself, I am currently training for Cyletta, a women’s 40k bike ride in Brighton in 2 weeks time, and Run to the Beat, my second attempt at the half marathon debut I made last year with Team Bangs on the Run.

As an endo warrior exercise is a hugely important part of my health and well being regime, also one that needs to be balanced carefully (see my post on Spikes and Heels for more about training with a chronic illness).


This weekend I have racked up a couple of runs and a bike ride in the glorious Autumn glow, and I LOVED it! Part of my strategy in making myself get out there recently has been, quite simply, to wear my workout kit from first thing in the morning. Then, whenever I get a chance to nip out for my run, or get on the bike or rock out a down facing dog I am all set to go. With young twins and a busy life as well as managing a chronic illness I need to take the chances when they arise, and being kitted out and ready to go has made that all the easier.

I am absolutely LOVING the new Freya Active Performance Range. Firstly, as a busty girl sports tops can be so unflattering, and racer backs have, up until now, just never been an option for us without a large display of bra strappage. Now, the new range includes my staple workout wardrobe item of a fabulous racer back top with inbuilt support (yaaay! at LAST!) The genius bit is that the shoulder straps have fastenings like the backs of a bra, with 3 hook and eye fastenings, plus a sports bra is inbuilt to the top itself. The end result is a sexy, flattering racer back top for us larger cup girls that supports enough to run, for yoga and any exercise that takes your fancy.


I literally wear mine on most days, and have one in black and one in red – as I train a lot my washing can consist mainly of sports gear, so the fact this stuff has inbuilt anti-stink ( known in the trade as Polygiene) means the kit doesn’t absorb the sweaty workout smell so much and can be worn a few times without needing a wash. Huzzah, this means less washing damage and longer lasting kit.

Have you tried the new Freya Active Performance Range yet?

Let me know if you love the new kit as much as I do!

Dex Diva