Packing for Cycletta 0

Hey ladies! Next weekend I am packing my bike and my padded bike pants to cycle 40k around the Brighton area for a Cycletta event.  Freya have kindly sponsored my entrance to the event, and I have been out and about training on my bike (Steve the Specialized Hard Rock), to get myself in shape for it.

I am getting my kit together for next weekend, and this is what I will take:

• My riders’ badge number and bike/helmet labels

• My little exercise rucksack to keep my keys, phone, snacks and spare items.

• 2 x spare inner tubes.

• Bike pump, of coure!

• Dextrose tablets to release glucose around the course.

• A pot of instant porridge to fuel me with slow releasing carbs in the hotel room for breakfast.

• Montmoreno Cherry Juice sachets for post exercise recovery.

• Snack wise I will pack a banana, some almonds and a muesli bar for the 40k journey  in my rucksack as well as lots of water of course!

I think after riding 40k I have the right to spend a LONG time in my Freya Loungewear that evening, don’t you!

Cycletta has more events planned for 2013 if you fancy taking part, and I will of course keep you updated with how it all goes. Also, check out Sky Ride for some rides near you and more information on making biking an activity for the whole family.

I would like to thank Freya for their support in providing brilliant ActiveWear for me and the course entrance fee, and my corporate sponsor Mike Sullivan, a wonderful confidence who I highly recommend getting in touch with via Twitter for help with pre-interview nerves, job confidence ing and much more.

I am, of course, raising money for Endometriosis UK by doing this ride. My Just Giving page is here if endometriosis affects anyone in your life and you would like to support the cause.