Love Your Tummy! 1

In my job as a personal shopper for My Style Companion I work with a LOT of women, often getting to know them on a rather personal level. Over the years I have come to learn that a common issue a lot of us girls suffer from is dreaded ‘IBS’. Not only does this condition make you feel unhealthy and sluggish, but IBS can take over your life when it comes down to the knock on effect that IBS has on your confidence and even down to what you feel comfortable wearing (physically and emotionally)!! The tummy has definitely been an area of the body that a lot of women have wanted to change.

So over the past 10 or so years I’ve suffered terribly (as many of us girls do!) from severe ‘IBS’ as the doctors refer to it as.  After countless visits to doctors and hospitals, with no joy at resolving the issue, I’ve further developed as a result of this condition, some hormonal problems (the joys of being a woman) that have affected my weight, skin, hair, not to mention the fact that I just generally most of the time feel rather rubbish. Talk about not feeling yourself :( 

After spending the last few years trying to find a solution to all this ‘IBS’ business, and being told by my doctor that the only solution left is anti-depressants, which I did not agree were the solution, I’ve recently stumbled across an eBook called ‘Improve Your Digestion’ (funnily enough) by Patrick Holford.

Although I knew some of the information already, this book really has opened my eyes to the solution in terms of getting my digestion (and related hormonal issues) back on track and I just really wanted to share this with all you lovely ladies on Fitting Talk in case any you out there have suffered with the condition as I have.

So here I am embarking on a new health programme, based on the advice in the aforementioned eBook, and I have to say, I’m feeling pretty good! Within the first week, my skin has cleared up and I can feel a noticable difference in the texture of my hair. I’ve dropped a couple of unwanted pounds (always welcome thank you) but most of all when I put on my new Freya Martha underwear set today, I noticed a distinct difference in the flatness of my stomach! Woohoo! How lovely to wear a beautiful underwear set and not feel as though I want to cover it up as quickly as possible because I felt ‘yucky’ (apologies ladies, I do tend to make up a lot of words as I go along!)

I am even experimenting with more natural foods and recipes I’ve never tried before such as sprouted brown rice protein and almond butter, thanks to Foods to Love! Typical of me, I heard of Foods to Love through my love of shoes – as its’ Founder (Jenna Zoe) used to work for Jimmy Choo’s Tamara Mellon. My love of shoes has finally paid off !! ha ha!

Anyway I feel for the first time in a long time that I am getting the diet right and it’s making a positive difference, to the way I look and feel. Things are on the up!

Catch you all soon girls!

Nic x