5 ways to make exercise part of your life 0

We all know it makes sense to keep fit (don’t we?!). But, sometimes so easily a week can pass and we realise we have only done one gym session, or have fallen short of the training plan by a few miles. Life is busy, and we all have other things to fit in in limited time,  so how can exercise be easily accommodated into our routine to make it a habit?

1. Wear your gear when you get up.

Now, this may work mainly for the self employed or the mums out there, but I love this technique. If I stick my running gear or my yoga clothes on first thing, it is like a commitment to myself to get out there and do something. Not only that, but when you are already dressed the part, it is super easy to nip out for a short run or run through some yoga sequences without having to tall yourself into getting changed. Try it.

2. Do it before work.

Or, even better, on the way to work. Can you cycle to work easily, or run there? I used to go to the gym at 6.30 am, run through the park to the gym ( cardio sorted), do some weights and rowing then run back. Somehow I managed to fit in a job and an MA at the same time, knowing my exercise as done and dusted. The smug feeling is well worth it.


3. Make a date with yourself.

My Tuesday night yoga class is sacrosanct in the diary. I love it, it works wonders and only under dire circumstances will I miss that magic of the down facing dog. My hot date with myself is an hour of working my body, and it stays in my diary as an appointment.


4. Make it social

I love to run with a mate or two as it means we can put the world to rights whilst getting the miles down. A sweaty coffee afterwards is always one that is the most deserved and appreciated.


5. Do it at home.

As an endo warrior this is always a good tool to have in my kit. I love Yoga Glo online for some classes when time or energy is in short supply; I also have a great collection of DVD’s to exercise with at home to shake the routine up a bit. I love 30 day shred, which only takes 20 minutes of your time but packs an efficient workout punch.


Any more excuses for not working out?

I didn’t think so. ;)