5 Tips to Update Your Wardrobe 0

Kids are back at school and even though our British summer has been somewhat unpredictable in terms of weather, it’s relatively safe to say that we know what to expect when it comes to weather for autumn and winter. When you leave the house to drop the kids off one day and you find yourself shivering whilst wearing your much-loved spring jacket (that has been a ss12 staple) you may realise that you are in no way prepared for autumn (emotionally, mentally or physically). Yikes.

Just the smallest bit of preparation before autumn kicks in can mean that you can make the most of all the great stock available in the shops and avoid wasting money on clothes that you aren’t ever going to wear. It’s also a very therapeutic and cleansing way to start the new season!


At the beginning of every season I like to do a seasonal changeover, and a bit of a wardrobe detox. The idea is that you want to be left with only the clothes and accessories that you can utilise over the next six months in your day to day wardrobe. Everything left in your day to day wardrobe after this ‘cleanse’ should be appropriate for the weather you will encounter in the season ahead. If you still have floaty dresses and flip flops in there when you’ve finished, you’ve missed a step!


There may be garments in your wardrobe that are looking a bit worn – you’ve enjoyed wearing them so much, they’re starting to disintegrate. Make a note of  any of these items, as you need to start looking to replace them if they can’t be renewed.

Don’t forget your underwear at this stage – get rid of any undies that have seen better days and renew your lingerie drawer! Work out what your staple underwear needs to be (a clue will be the most tatty dog-eared bra that has been worn to death) and update with beautiful new Freya lingerie. For me the the Deco lingerie set in nude and black are absolute must-haves!

update your lingerie drawer


Out of the remaining clothes and accessories in your autumn day to day wardrobe, everything must be wearable today! This means that if it needs dry cleaning or a hem/button needs some attention, it shouldn’t be in the wardrobe until it’s been taken care of. You’d be surprised how many perfectly beautiful garments sit unloved in the wardrobe because someone hasn’t taken the time to sew a button back on!


It’s also pointless having pieces in your day to day wardrobe which don’t fit you, so if you’ve put on or lost weight since last year, you may want to consider selling these or giving them to charity. The point of this exercise is to evaluate what you REALLY have to work with for the season ahead, not what you wish you had to wear. These are not outfit choices at the moment – they are just clutter.

If you notice that you seem to be getting rid of clothing that doesn’t fit you don’t forget to head to your nearest Freya stockist and get fitted properly for a new bra! As I tell all my clients, you NEED a good foundation before any clothes will look good. Start off AW12 in the right way with a great bra so that all that money you spend on new clothing is maximised and you look your absolute best!


Take a look at clothes, shoes and boots and evaluate whether any may need replacing. What did you really get your wear out of last autumn and winter? If your lifestyle is still pretty much the same as last year, chances are you will get good wear out of such an item again.


Start a shopping wish-list which will become the focus of any retail therapy sessions in September – October. I think shopping for clothes without a plan is like  food shopping when you’re hungry – you buy lots of yummy things but nothing you can really make a meal out of. It’s the same with clothes shopping! (hmmm am hungry now.)

The key pieces such as a great pair of jeans, a new jacket, black or tan boots, a new nude or black bra or some new opaque tights may not be the most sparkly, exciting items that will be added to your wardrobe this season but I guarantee, they will give you the most satisfaction and best price per wear, so if you need them, ass them to the list so that you won’t be distracted!

Happy Shopping Ladies!

Nic x