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Yoga magic

I have recently been rediscovering the magical properties of Hatha Yoga.

As an endometriosis girl finding ways to complement my energy levels and cardiovascular activities are a challenge; I used to go to yoga before having the Mini Divas, and have been back for the the last 3 weeks for some much needed strength and stretching.

What I love about yoga is the fact that I might have a mind racing full of the day’s events, I may feel tired and worn out before a class, yet without fail I come out feeling energised, calm and restored. Hatha yoga for me has been like rediscovering a kind of magic potion, and I never fail to be amazed that this über ancient meditation and exercise form can work on so many levels.

My Freya Active always comes with me so I feel safe and supported doing those downward bends, and I am on the hunt for some great yoga gear.

I would also love to give Bikram Yoga a try, as I think the detoxification and heat may really help my endo and my pain.

Do you do yoga? Have you tried Bikram? I would love to hear what Freya girls think!

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