Nothing to Wear? 0

You wouldn’t believe how many times I hear the words “I have nothing to wear!” every week!  Women at the end of their tether who are sick of uttering these five little words (or sometimes their husbands or boyfs who have heard these words one too many times end up calling on their behalf!)

So this week, dedicated to all those women who are stood in front of their wardrobes, huffing and puffing, surrounded by a pile of clothes on the floor, close to tears because from their three bulging wardrobes, they can’t find one outfit they want to wear, I’ve published my first book, cunningly entitled ‘Nothing to Wear!’

I have to say, writing this book has been somewhat trying. I love to write and blog, but compiling every experience I’ve ever had with a client in to a ‘how to’ manual for women who want to achieve a wardrobe they love, has not been easy.

For someone with the attention span of a gnat – a good starter, but not always the best finisher – the proofreading was not my strong suit. I found myself constantly procrastinating and drifting off in to Nicola-world dreaming about the arrival of my new Freya ‘Martha’ set and what AW12 updates I will be advising for client’s wardrobes.

Well after a long process, I can say ‘I’ve done it’. The personal goal I set myself two years ago now has a rather shaky, but bold tick against it in black marker, and I feel I can move on to something new like reaching level two in learning Spanish and becoming a much better piano player.

It may not be a Pulitzer Prize winner, but if it helps a few women out there to have an ‘a-ha’ moment about why they’re feeling dissatisfied, disappointed, frustrated or depressed with their style, and suggest some welcome fashion solutions, Nothing to Wear has done its’ job and I’m one happy camper.