Hello and Goodbye! 0

Hello Freya fans! My name’s Katie Antoniou and I’m thrilled to be one of Freya’s new bloggers. I’m actually about to head off on holiday to America, so I thought I’d write a quick blog post to introduce myself and give you a peek inside my luggage before I set off. Pictured are some of my hand luggage essentials for a long trip- starting in the top left and working clockwise:

Music: I like to have something new on my ipod for a long plane journey- at the moment I have Gabby Young and Other Animals’ new album which has been the soundtrack to my summer.

Luxe City Guides: I used to have a real aversion to travel guides; so many just send you straight to all the tourist sites, whereas I actually prefer to discover all the best local hang-outs. I was sent the Luxe limited edition bespoke White Linen summer collection recently- you get to choose which 5 city guides it includes- and was thrilled to see that the London guide book included all the spots I would recommend to someone visiting our capital. I took this to be a good sign that these guys actually know what they’re talking about, so I’m looking forward to discovering other cities with their insider knowledge!

Hair Clips from Now Voyager: I don’t like wearing jewellery in the sun as it can often lead to weird tan lines, or get very hot if it’s metal; so I usually resort to flowery hair clips to accessorise my bikini!

Lula magazine: My favourite plane and beach read.

Kindle: This may look like a copy of Dracula, but it’s actually my Kindle case, made from an old book! Whilst I will still definitely be taking one ‘real’ book on holiday, a kindle is perfect for carrying a whole library around without weighing down your luggage.

Sunglasses: I customised these sunglasses myself by glueing vintage dominoes along the arms!

Lomography Diana F camera: I’ve become a huge lomography geek recently- you can see some photos I’ve taken with various bits of equipment over the summer on both Run-Riot; the website I edit, and my own personal blog London Plinth. Here’s a stop-motion film I made of the British Olympic synchronised swimmers, and here’s one of a circus I visited earlier in the summer.

So, that should tell you a little bit about me- what are your plans for the summer? Did you get to see any of The Olympics?

Hate to love you and leave you, but I’ll be back in September, hopefully with lots of pictures of me getting some good use out of my new Freya swimwear! xxx