Delving Beyond the Wardrobe 0

Hello Freya Fans! Great to meet you all and so excited to be here blogging about the fabulous-ity of Freya, as one of their Winners of the 2012 Blog Star 2 Competition.

I am thrilled to be part of ‘Team Fitting Talk’ as a personal stylist and shopper based in the North West who has spent the last 5 years telling any woman who will listen about how a well-fitting bra can transform the look of any outfit, and go a long way to boosting confidence, in addition to boosting other more obvious assets!

I’m Nicola Cupples, a 31 year old gal living in Cheshire otherwise known as Style Companion who has quite a serious obsession with clothes and wardrobes – other people’s that is! Yes as a Personal Shopper my ‘office’ is actually inside other people’s wardrobes or a changing room somewhere, where I continue my mission to boost the confidence of women across the land by helping them to rediscover their style or indeed find new inspiration.

2012 has been the most exciting year of my life so far! I recently got married in May of this year to the most incredible man in the presence of 30 of our most cherished friends and family on the Amalfi coast in Italy. A day that I will never forget and funnily enough, was the inspiration behind my entry for the blog star competition! My bright pink Dolce & Gabbana wedding shoes featured in the entry about Freya’s AW12 Gem range.

2012 has continued to be such a fun year with the birth of my twin niece and nephew, Mia and Finlay *beams* and the completion of my soon to be available eBook entitled Nothing to Wear, written for women who have lost their confidence with their wardrobe. Funnily enough, a full chapter of the book is dedicated to the importance of underwear so it couldn’t be any more fitting (no pun intended) that I’m here blogging for Fitting Talk – another fave event of the year so far!

When I’m not rummaging around in wardrobes or flying around the shop floor with armfuls of clothing, I’m writing about fashion, style and how to wear trends on the My Style Companion blog or generally drooling over clothes / shoes / accessories I can’t afford (hazard of the job).

I hope that the fact I spend my life personally styling women from sizes 6 – 28, ages 16 – 60 from all walks of life with all different budgets and tastes; will generate some interesting blog topics for all you Freya Fans! As a size 32D myself, but having styled many a boob up to a K cup, I hope that I can bring you some fun blogs about underwear that appeal to every woman out there – no matter what size, shape, height, background or bust size!

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of London 2012 (hasn’t it been amazing?!)! Go Team GB!

Catch ya later girls,

Nic x