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Hello lovely Fitting Talk readers!

I am sure you watched the Olympic Opening ceremony like me on Friday – wasn’t it MINDBLOWING? I loved the whole thing, from Branagh as Brunel to Mr Bean, Bond and the Queen, Becks on a boat…all of it was magical inspiring and just so….us.

So in the Olympic spirit I am of course still training for Cycletta and Run to the Beat. On Friday I was out on my mountain bike in the fens for 17k bike ride, and today I donned my trusty Team Bangs on the Run top and my Freya Active set to crank out a 4 mile run.

I feel like I have such a long way to go to get my stamina back up enough to be able to do 13 miles in October, but I know the cycling as cross training will help, and I have enough time to get myself there slowly, week by week.

I started back at yoga this week too, which I absolutely LOVE and is, I am sure, really going to help my training too. It’s amazing how breathing correctly and holding these ancient poses can rejuvanate the body so much, I ached for days too! I wrote last year before doing my very first half marathon the things I would do differently, and I am really pleased to see I am taking them on board this year and making headway. Blogs are a handy reminder to self sometimes! ;)

I am super excited about the new Freya Active Performance Wear which comes out in August. The new kit not only looks amazing, but has a clever ingredient called Polygiene active odour control technology, a naturally-occurring anti-bacterial agent which is really effective at combatting training niffs.

The idea is that your Freya kit stays odour-free for its entire lifetime. And  -I love this bit – the kit won’t need washing as much. I am out on the bike,  running and few times a week at the moment so my washing gets pretty crazy, so I am rather excited to try it out. Watch this space for a review.

Is anyone else training for Cycletta or Run to the Beat? Let me know!