Going Strapless and heels hurt! 0

Life has been manic lately. Trying to find the time to site down at the computer without someone telling they need a wee, or a drink, or so and so has taken there toy has become tough. I have also had lots of work commitments on top of a husband that has taken on extra work, so for the last four weeks I have had kids seven days a week and no break (an this week will make three!). I only tell you this because I have not stopped by for a few weeks and have missed the glamour and adult company that is Freya Fitting Talk.

So my last break was four weeks ago when I attended another conference in London. This one was aimed more at the Mummy market but had some fabulous speakers like Sarah Brown and Cherry Healey and Katie Hill all there. It was spread over two days and was full on with seminars you could attend, PR networking, photography workshops and of course an award ceremony.

It was inspiring and brain buzzing and exhausting but I really enjoyed it.

Of course the key thing about preparing for such events is the ‘What to wear scenario?”

I determined to wear heals on the Friday. I love shoes, is it one of my passions but the practicality of wearing these days is not so good, so they stay and look beautiful in the wardrobe, teasing me.

Out they came on Friday – my beautiful Office shoes in a nude colour. OMG how much have I forgotten what heels are like? To say my feet hurt by the end of the day was an understatement. I feared I might never walk again! They did look good though!

going strapless and heels hurt!


On the Saturday I wore a maxi dress. It had thin straps and a cross over back and I could not work out what bra to wear. I mentioned this to Freya who said immediately a strapless. I have never really got on with strapless bras before, but then I have never had a Freya strapless before.

I have always found that they don’t stay up, or give you a very nice shape at all.

The Freya Deco Strapless however stayed place all day and you would not have know it did not have straps with the shape and support it gave me. I think this has something to with the fit, and having the right back. When I was convinced I was a 34 back (and in fact I am a 30) it is actually no wonder it fell down during the course of the day.

Going strapless and heels hurt

I had the nude colour bra (to match my shoes) and this would just be perfect under any colour top, especially in the summer with off the shoulder tops and boob tube maxi dresses. (Keep thinking sunshine thoughts!)

So although my heals hurt through the weekend, my chest did not, and was fully supported  and stayed put. A strapless bra I see now is an essential for any wardrobe!