Fifty shades of… lingerie! 0

So own up….who else has been reading Fifty Shades of Grey?

I was being bombarded by my friends on this ‘must read’ book and not one to want to miss out felt the need to purchase the erm…..set!

Well, it has been an education I can tell you!

Christian Grey – Mr fifty shades of completely messed up in the head, is in fact a magnet not only pulling Ana (the lucky girl ) under his spell but the reader in as well. As much as your head is saying ‘Oh no, not for me thank you’, you kind of want to understand where Christian is coming from (no pun intended) as it actually seems all so exciting. I think it is because underneath it all, you hope it is more than just the sex and actually a love story!

I am onto the second book. I read the first in three days (the children had to fend for themselves) and whilst it is not literary genius it is rather entertaining with quite a good psychological underpinning to it. Beside when Charles Dickens wrote his first novels, people were not all that impressed at the time and look at him now!

It got me thinking. Whilst I am perfectly happily with my ‘Vanilla sex’ (You will need to read the book to know what this means as I am not about to embark on a sex education class right now! *BLUSH!* ) I am not adverse to vanilla sex moving from Tesco finest to Waitrose, or even Harrods own!

As a busy Mum of three it is easy to sling on whatever is in the cupboard, and if you are anything like me, even if you have matching underwear it doesn’t always come through the wash the same time  and can often be clashing. Make up application is a luxury and sometimes legs just need to get an even hair on them right?

No! I have been slacking and it is time to make me feel sexy again. So I have picked my 5 top sexy lingerie outfits from Freya, so it you are wanting Waitrose Vanilla yourself you have a starting block!

1. ArabellaFifty shades of lingerie

2. Edina

Fifty shades of lingerie

3. Lyla

Fifty shades of lingerie

and coming very soon!

4. Ivy

Fifty shades of lingerie

5.  Gem

Fifty shades of lingerie

So go…get some lovely underwear and read the book! I am off to shave my legs.