Brook on a bike… 0

I just had to say I had some serious bike and dress envy when I saw the delicious Miss Kelly Brook in this amazing red number. The dress is by the Pretty Dress Company, and has been added to My Style Pinterest board as soon as I saw it. It’s £95 and pretty perfect for the curvy girl I think, certainly a showstopper!

Now, when I train for Cycletta I tend to look a lot sweatier than this, probably covered in rain and mud, and,  in my padded cycling shorts, decidedly less girly. 

So how is the training going? I am really enjoying it, and I am getting out and about to cycle and run for my Run to the Beat half marathon in October as often as my recovery from chronic fatigue and pain allows. Today I was scheduled to have a run, but as I have spent the whole day in pain in PJ’s it hasn’t happened; the art is to stay positive and know that the tarmac awaits me as soon as I am able. Also, my bad pain days like today are happening so much less often that I can only remain encouraged and strong. I am running and cycling to raise awareness and funds for Endometriosis, so I know whatever I can manage is worth it.

So, what do you think –  do you like Kelly’s style? I would team this with a lovely Freya Deco bra, one of my wardrobe essentials.


Image credit: Getty images