Freya and Dex Diva at the X Factor! 0

Well it doesn’t take much to ask me to go and see Gary Barlow to be honest.

So, when the team at Freya asked me to pop on down to the 02 and check out the X Factor ads being shown during auditions for the next big thing,  I was more than happy to pop along. Tough job and all that, but someone has to, right?

My buddy Jo and I en-route


This week I  scooted down to the O2 with one of my best buddies Jo, who also happens to be a die hard Take That fan of the original generation. Oh, and she is partial to Dermot O’Leary too it transpires….I have never seen her look more determined to do something thangetting within 6 feet of the man himself. Luckily we avoided police intervention but narrowly, I suspect.

Outside the O2 was a vintage VW campervan, a set where the Xtra Factor interviews were being held, an espresso van to keep the crew and contestants awake, and a long, LONG queue of very hot hopefuls.

The auditions are a lot of fun to see live, and it was a great day out to cheer along some brilliant voices, boo the judges and have a dance around in the arena to some AWFUL but entertaining acts. Jo and I also ducked behind the scenes to see the luscious Dermot and the families and friends of the acts watch the performances, and we were rather liking the AAA passes which let us switch from backstage to the main audience to get a real sense of the buzz from all angles. Apparently we were a little too in shot for the production crew’s liking, rebels that we are, so watch out for two sweaty Freya ladies in the background when the show airs in Autumn.

The Freya ads appeared on the screen while the crowds and acts lined up to get into the arena, and again inside behind the stage before the show began, so a lot of coverage for our fabulous brand with the QR code on screen for Freya fans to scan with their mobiles and interact with our Facebook page and website.

Our highlights were boogying to a Chinese guy called Yao singing falsetto to Staying Alive….being in the same vicinity as Gary and Dermot….seeing behind the scenes TV in the making……seeing Freya on the big screen!

So, what does one wear to see Gary Barlow? I sported a Luisa set….what would you go for?!



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