Cybher 2012 0

Cybher 2012 was awesome. Truly brilliant.

Set up by Sian Tu at Geek is new Chic, it was a blogging conference for women, by women! It included bloggers from all fields including fashion and beauty, parenting, photography, lifestyle and home.

Freya, Cybher 2012

Geek is new Chic

The day involved attending sessions that were themed geek, chic or inspired. So whether you wanted to know more about blogging in terms of it’s set up and functioning, learn how to make your blog look more beautiful or be inspired to write, there was something for everyone.

Events like this never cease to amaze me. Blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea, and I know for certain that my ‘home’ friends don’t get it at all and think I get lost into some kind of virtual void, however when you go, you end up meeting some very inspirational women from all ages,work backgrounds and lifestyles that come together and just click. I can honestly say that some of these women I have met many a time and have become firm friends. One of which is my Science Sparks partner Emma, but I shall tell you all about that another day!

Freya, Cybher 2012

The conference about to start


It was a day to let creativity flow.

It was a day to have fun, be inspired and make new friends whilst catching up with old ones.

It was a day to network and get to see the PR’s behind the brands.

One of those brands that sponsored the event was….Freya! What do you mean, you guessed that?

Cybher 2012

Freya in action in the city!

I can honestly say I was so proud to have such a brilliant sponsor and spent a lot of my day talking to other bloggers about Freya and how I adore writing for them. Freya had set up a fitting tent and even now, I am still getting messages from bloggers saying that they cannot believe what their true cup size was. If I am not mistaken I believe that the fitter (who was working her little socks off!) only measured one lady to be in the right sized bra. If this does not prove a point, I don’t know what does!

I was beaming with pride as my breasts were complimented on a number of occasions and by the Freya girls themselves. I was asked if I was pregnant twice and am hoping this is due to the voluptuousness of my boobs and not that I have eaten too much chocolate! I was in fact wearing a black Deco plunge bra and it did the job to perfection and looked quite perfect under my Maxi dress.

Cybher 2012

Myself and Emma (my Science Sparks Partner!)

Personally I cannot speak more highly of blogging. If you are tempted and have something to say I say go for, it is a learning curve, and gets you addicted but if you are OK with that, then it is great fun and can open the door to a variety of opportunities – Freya Blog Star for example!

Just to add – I am over the moon that my personal blogs Multiple Mummy and Science Sparks has made it through to the final shortlists of  two National Awards so I need to ask you to vote for me please!
The MAD blog Awards, 
I am delighted to be shortlisted in:
Best MAD Family Fun Blog – Multiple Mummy
Best MAD innovative Blog – Science Sparks
Best MAD school days blog – Science Sparks
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and also…
Blogger of the year by Loved by parents
I am found in the Special awards Category as Kerry Farrow
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Thanks you and Much appreciated