Which Freya are you today? 0


Choosing which Freya lingerie underwear set to wear each day is one of my favourite choices of the day.

I love that I can choose from a nude, neutral Deco for sheer and seamless support, or a leopard print Roxeanne, a girly Luisa or a foxy Lyla; I like to think that each set brings out something else in me, a girly side, the vampy side, the mum-at-home side. All of them are part of me.

Today is a Roxeanne day, although under a crisp white top, so the leopard print cheekiness is under wraps ;)

How do you choose your Freya? Do you feel more confident in any one bra or set than another? Do they bring out different sides of your Freya girl personality?

I would love to know ;)

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