Turning 30! 1

Next month I am going to celebrate my 30th birthday. Yes you heard it right the big 3..0 is descending upon me. It has got me thinking about a lot of things.

The problem is I am not fearful of turning 30, I just don’t want to look 40! Whilst many women at this age are at the peak of their careers and enjoying nights out in the city, having date nights and lavish meals out, I on the other hand have opted for a different life.

It was never supposed to be that way. I had always envisioned the above, but you see, love has a lot to answer for and when I fell for my husband at the whipper snapper age of 18, I did not contemplate marriage by 22 and three children by 26. Life has a funny way of not being as planned as you had expected.

Now, I did go to university, I did get my degree, and I a started a career as a teacher. I am fairly smart – this may shock some of you, as I am aware of the raised eyebrows I get when I tell people I am a Science teacher by trade and they look at me like I am joking! I obviously don’t have a very clever face. However at nearly 30 I am still fairly young and my attitude means I am not one to pass up an opportunity when it arises. So I find the of blogging and from this get the fabulous opportunity to blog for Freya! Whoo hoo. If my life had not gone the way it had this chance would never have come along.

However as I say, turning 30 has worried me a bit as I looked at the Evening Standards article on the things you should before you are 30. Surprisingly I had achieved more than I thought and was surprised to see that marriage and babies was one of them.

Some of the one I have not accomplished are as follows:


  • Live abroad – we had toyed with this idea, but the problem is my husband is 10 years older than me and his biological clock was ticking so we has to meet in the middle and have babies first. Maybe we can retire overseas?
  • Have a threesome or a moresome
- Ermmm….nope!
  • Learn a language – French was my worst subject at school. I am not sure I can learn a language in less than 25 days!
  • Make a million
- well unless a lottery win happens, I fear we may be far off from succeeding here!
  • Own a designer handbag – I keep dropping hints, but fear this is not being taken on board!


So with this continued fretting that I need to change something before I am 30 I decided to do something drastic….yep that’s right I…


Chopped all my hair off!

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