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I have been itching to write a blog post for years, but I never found the time or the right words! After nearly a year working with Freya, I have found a passion for wearing, writing and learning about lingerie. The thing is I am a 32G and working at Freya is a dream come true! So I wanted to let you all in on my Freya journey and what better way than on the Freya blog?

Finding Freya
When I was in my teens I found lingerie and boobs a taboo subject – something which I blushed at and the thought of a bra fitting was scary. I came to Eveden in 2009 as a university placement student, wearing a 38DD greying bra. As soon as I sat at my desk, I could feel the eyes of my colleagues burning into my chest and sure enough I was ushered down to Freya design where I was fitted, only to find that I was a 32G! Hoorah! Since that fitting I have never looked back, I have become somewhat of a preacher when it comes to lingerie fitting – I tell anyone and everyone. The funny thing is, no one ever yawns when you are offering bra fitting advice or lingerie tips as it is something that women love to be educated about. Once I have told them how a good fitting bra should look and feel, I then whip out my secret weapon – the latest Freya brochure and now all of my friends and family are hooked!

The Learning Curve
Before I started working at Eveden I wondered why my underwires popped out of my bras and why my knickers sagged on the bottom after a few washes… that naughty washing machine was ruining my underwear. To give my lingerie wardrobe the utmost respect and longevity I now handwash all my bras and knickers – it may take a little man power but the results are worth it! Another tip is to always wear your new Freya bra on the last hook, as the bra ages move it on a hook – this increases the life of your bra!

As I own such a large amount of underwear – it is important for me to keep it organised, this also helps with Monday morning matching frustration. Just to give you an idea here is how I organise my lingerie drawers:

lingerie storage

Expressing Myself
As a Fashion graduate I love to follow the latest trends and Freya offers stunning, on trend designs matched with the perfect fit. Now I don’t mind if I flash my Ashlee Sorbet strap under my summer top – Sorbet is a hot shade for SS12. Here are a few other SS12 trends from Freya:

Tribal – Limbo
Pastels – Tabitha
Polka Dots – Patsy
Eclectic Prints – Daphne
Nautical – Swing
Crochet – Cha Cha

Since starting at Eveden, lingerie dominates my morning routine; I have to ensure that I am wearing a matching bra and knickers. If I don’t wear matching lingerie, I just don’t feel right for the rest of the day!

So now you know about my passion for lingerie and a little about my background, I thought I would let you into the 5 favourite things in my life right now:

1. My Luisa Balcony bra and briefs
2. My Mint Wedges from New Look
3. Perle de lait coconut yogurt
4. The sunshine
5. Daffodils

5 favourite things