Big Boobs v’s Small Boobs Part 2 0

A couple weeks ago I discussed the advantages and disadvantages of have a fuller bust! The twitter debate continued and it brought to attention the pro’s and con’s of the smaller chest as well! So in this blog post we continue the challenge.

The beauty of small boobs!

Advantages of small boobs


@himupnorth   More than a handful is a waste… ;-)


@SunnivaAnne   It is easier when you exercise


@AMummyToo   They do not cause backache!


@NotMyYearOff   Can wear shirts & buttons don’t burst open?


 @_Johnsonbabies   You can wear strappy tops and have a better choice of clothes to fit.


@ChelleYve   They don’t get in your way!


@SunnivaAnne   Don’t have to go to specialists for bras?


@clairelh   Nicer bras. #smallboobs


@trouble_doubled   Less creepy boys hanging round when I was a teenager. :)


@B4kersgirl   You can go braless!


@MultipleMummy No sagging!!!!!


@HPMcQ   You can run up & down the stairs with ease


@trouble_doubled   You can sleep on your front


Disadvantages of small boobs


@clairelh   You’ll never be considered as a cover girl for Zoo/nuts/Fhm…. #smallboobs


@MultipleMummy No cleavage!


Some of these responses had me in fits of giggles! I love twitter so much for the conversation, the honesty and the banter. In this case it seems there are definietly more pro’s to smaller boobs but tell me, what are you thoughts? I would love to know whether you agree of disagree of whether you have something to add. Let me know in the comments.

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