The Business Suit of Underwear! 0

You know those days where you need to feel confident on the inside and the outside. The days where you need to make and impression and a good one, where everything you say counts and you need to ooze professionalism and power? These days include things like when you have an interview, or are completing the latest business deal or in my case an OFSTED inspection or when you are trying to convince the pre-school that actually you are in control of your three children and yes you really did mean for them to pull at the top of your top and let a boob fall out! (Whoops did I say that outloud?)

Well those days, where actually in fact deep within the core of it you are a quivering wreck, I have found you some salvation. That is the beautiful and highly classy underwear otherwise known as Lauren.

The Business suit of underwear

Confidence building!


When you put it on he feels and fits like a fitted suit. You immediately feel classy, powerful and ready to take on the day. It has the thinnest of stripes within the fabric that make it feel like pin strip a a beautiful square cut satin bows that add the feminine touch and soften the feel.

The bra come in a balcony of half padded half cup bra if you want some lift. It lies very flat against your skin so gives you that seamless feel under a top or shirt. If you like the style but don’t want the power hungry black than opt for the more romantic white or the virbrant lupin colour is is also avaialable in.

The bottom half comes in shorts, brief and thong. I just love the shorts. They really match the suit theme well.

The bras are available froma 30D back and up to a 38 G!

So if you have a confidence requiring event coming up and you need to put on your smartest gear, then add this to your ‘essential items’ list!