Snuggle up for winter 1

So I know that we are now in February but Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful but very manic Christmas in the Multiple Mummy household entertaining 16 people in total on Christmas day! You almost feel that after the mayhem of the Christmas break you need a holiday to recover. The nights seem to get longer and darker, the weather colder and wetter and the January blues creep in. Now in February we have snow! It is lovely to be out in it for short bursts and then fabulous to come home into the warmth a house and get all toasty again.

I  however love this time of year and winter is in fact my favourite season. I love the crisp frost in the mornings, I love the darkness creeping in at night when you can start to light the house aglow with lamps and candles and I am not adverse to a bit of welly boot puddle splashing (with three children it is a must!). Most of all though, I love the fact that it is the time of year where I can get all cosy and snuggle up for winter. Mulled wine, hot chocolate, blankets, chocolate and a DVD are my idea of a perfect night in 9oh how things have changed). I love the freedom to wear chunkier and baggier clothes so the extra pounds of food you should not be eating don’t notice quite so much (or that’s what I tell myself) and to be makeup free of an evening after a bubbling soak in the tub.


My hubby always complains that I like the heating on way to high. I can’t help it, I just love being warm and toasty. We have constant thermostat battles with me turning it up every time I walk past and him turning it down. My ‘heating’ prayers have be answered somewhat however, when I received Freya’s Christmas package this month. They could not have chosen me a nicer or more gorgeous present if they had tried.

For inside my package was a  a set of gorgeous Ingrid lounge wear and a matching fleece dressing gown. Talk about my idea of snuggly heaven!

Snuggle up for Winter

Snuggle up in this Fleece Robe!



I have worn the robe and PJ’s to my in laws and also for a night away and everyone had commented on them. They are the perfect Mother’s day present which is coming up shortly.  I would suggest valentines by my not have the romantic edge you are looking for!

Snuggle up for winter

The gorgeous PJ's!

The lounge wear is soft and comfortable and combines soft tones of lavender with bird print detailing reminiscent of 70’s retro boho.  The range includes a lounge pant with a gorgeous oversized pink satin tie at the waist available in extra small, with the bonus feature of the built in support in the top so you don’t have to wear a bra which in my opinion means ‘proper’ lounging.

They are also the kind of lounge wear that if in the morning you got stuck into some chores, or have the luxury of laying on the sofa and enjoying a Christmas film then they are totally appropriate to open the door to the post man!

So have I got you in the mood for a snuggle up for the winter?

Go on then, warm a mulled wine or make a hot chocolate, dunk in a bubble bath and put on your fab lounge wear. The best form of relaxation possible!