Freya Active and the Hunt for the Beach Bunny Body 0

Its February. This means the New Years resolutions made with determination and passion a month ago have no doubt creased. It also means holiday adverts. This year I am going here….

Yes really!

This image results in the following equations:

Beach + Bikini = Gym

Gym / Sports bra = Beach Bunny Body

Despite being a regular gym goer for a couple of years, I have never invested in a sports bra. I know. Shocking. (I normally just use an old bra..) The reason however is simple, I would rather spend my hard earned recession limited pennies on clothes that I won't get sweaty in and people I like and see outside the gym will actually see me in... I have however, taken the plunge and invested in a Freya Active bra considering I will be stepping up the gym regime this year.

I have worn it each time I have been to the gym and its really comfortable. The straps don't fall down, the fit is close to the body, the seams and clasp do not irritate my skin. This means I can concentrate on my workout, push myself that bit more, so come September I will feel fantastic in my new bikinis and not shy away from that beach.

Love Kerry