Freya Active and netball love 0

Now don’t laugh, but I used to LOVE netball and played goal defence in school…back when I was tall for my year. Given that I am 5’3″  I am hardly huge, but for a while there I was not the smallest hobbit and used to love jumping around in my netball skirt with the ladies.

Netball is one sport I loved in school. I used to hate running with a passion (which is why this event meant so much to me when I did it!), so I am really pleased to see that Freya are partnering England Netball with their fabulous range of sports wear Freya Active, which I wore during my Team Bangs on the Run training.


Freya Active is also involved in Back To Netball,  a scheme promoted by England Netball for ladies, like me, who used to love the sport and want to get back into it. Or, who used to love taking part but forget to make exercise part of their lives and fancy doing something fun! I have found a local session near me so will pop along to see if my footwork needs some attention, to make new friends and enjoy running about knowing my assets are being so well supported!

Have a look and see if you can find the bets place near you to give netball another go; let us know how you get on!